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Prologue and Epilougue

Why is there a universe with people?

Why was a planet created to create them?

Why are the people destroying the planet?

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For a beautiful video on the big bang and the creation of the universe click on UNIVERSE. Then The First Three Minutes of Everything.

Following that: Why Does The Universe Exist? Jim Holt’s TED Talk.

The study of global warming has turning out to be a study of everything, from the Big Bang to modern economics and the nature of humanity that is struggling to grasp the nature of the amorphous climate while fighting off ideologues who create economic systems that steal from the people that make their lives possible.

Global warming is a product of fire that burns fossil fuels and creates the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. Fossil fuels include coal, oil in all its forms, natural gas, etc. Burning wood also gives off carbon dioxide, although the wood has not yet become fossilized.

“Humans Tamed Fire by 1 Million Years Ago. The ability to control fire marked a major milestone in human evolution, helping our ancestors stay warm in the cold, enhance the nutritional value of their food and keep predators at bay, among other uses. (Scientific American, Apr 2, 2012)

However, fire did not do major damage to the environment until the creation of the steam engine about 1850 which made possible fire driven motion and force for doing and creating virtually everything we have and use. From 1850 on the output of carbon dioxide increased exponentially quickly becoming the core of our economies and the source of wealth for economic oligarcs from ancient kings and queens to multiple Fortune 500 companies. And Donald Trump.

Modern economic productivity would be impossible without burning fossil fuels but it is a multi-edged sword. While making the wealthy wealthier, it enslaves the rest of us in two ways. We become hooked on its benefits: cars, stoves, air-conditioning, plastics, etc. and, if we are in the wrong economic stratum, slaves. It boggles the mind how grosely crude ideologies such as ”low taxes, small government” are swallowed hook, lin, and sinker by almost everyone. Just now, with the formation of the The Patriotic Millionaires has there been a glimmer of hope..

My soul is captured by the beginning and end of what we know, the unfathomable creation of the Grand Singularity (the big bang to everyone else) and my own exileration of what humanity has created at the exteme of glory of human creation. (see links below)

There is something emobidied in this performance of Beethoven’s third piano concerto that sends me into an awed ectacy. I am enough of a musician to appreciate this performance. I studied concert hall design and this is the best. I know orchestral playing, conducting and piano playing. I know about building musical instruments, especially violins. My father played violin and he and I did duets.

Violins (and the rest of the string family) are exquisitely difficult to play and infinitely difficult to play well. French horns are impossible to play. Then to have a hundred of these musicians in perfect synchronization and intonation, with the spirit of Beethoven, Bernstein and Zimerman all devoted to realization of the pinicle of civilized art, emotion, interpretation and...joy. And I conclude that this is why we were created. But not just to make the music but to listen and hear its infinite complexity, intelligence, art, and joy.

Every one of these, plus their teachers and the instrument makers and everyhone‘ teacher’s teacher is part of a small army of creation. The most I can say is that that it brings me to tears.

I do not have a conclusion. Just as I cannot fathom how it began (dispite some knowledge of string theory) or if there was a beginning, I am left with what I know of great art, be it music, painting, photography, dance, and so forth, that its greatness is that it exists in that space that cannot be put into words.

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If you don't know the science of the Creation, you have a bit of learning to do.

My feelings about the earth are hard to put into words so I am going to give a very short summary about how it was created. In this area of science it is easy to become baffled, partly because a great deal is known and a great deal unknown. So I will make a list and include a few pictures.

What happened to create the earth is so extraordinary and leads me to having strong feeings about the earth that not everyone has. Proving what I am going to list has been well carried out but if you are not inclined to believe it, it is quite unlikely I will change your mind. The universe is ruled by two sets of theories: Einstein's general relativity and quantum physics. Quantum physics is extremely well verified (your iPhone works becasue of it as do all computers).

The big bang was what scientists call a singularity. It is the smallest and shortest lived thing their can be. Time: 0.1 followed by 43 zeros usually written as 10-43 seconds simply because it is easier. The size was about 10-34 cm. This singularity contained all the energy to create our universe which weighs (should you be curious) 1044 kilograms, roughly.

Eventually atoms, stars, planets and life were created. The end of the evolutionary chain is us. (If you wish to say "god did it that's fine, but god is only a name for a cause).

The first evidence of the big bang came when two Bell Lab scientists, using a super sensitive microwave antenna found themselves picking up a faint noise which turned out to be the afterglow of the big bang. It is now called the cosmic background radiation.

Four years of scans reveal the cosmic background radiation. The colors are galaxies.

Click On The Egg For Our Place In The Universe

For a bit more on the cosmic background radiation (CBR) click here

The cosmic background radiation of the entire sky. Click on MICROWAVE SKY SURVEY to learn how the image above was created. The color variations are galaxies.

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