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Why Do We Fight?

What motivates some men to want to have control?

It is incomprehansible. The United States has spent three trillion dollars in Afganistan. Why? Dicident groups? Corrupt dictators?

In this and virtually any conflict I can think of, there is no reason for the fighting except that leaders want to fight, dictate, control, or inflict pain. In China, control means virtually minute by minute survalence and the ability to dictate behavios.

Donald Trump is an interesting case study. Donald trump knows nothing but a group of strategies and tactics to get “admiration“ and ego reinforement that, in my opinion, when you get down to it, amounts to begging. It may appear that way only on occasion (the infamous cabinet meeting) but that is what he is at a most basic level doing. Why?

I believe it is simply that he knows almost nothing, cannot get pleasure or ego satisfaction from anything else, so resorts much like a deprived eight-year-old to manipulate by misbehaving. He was taught nothing from day one. He cannot see deeply, he is not aware of who he is, he believes that if he hears a few words or sees something he understands it. He believes this out of desperation to placate his soul. He is a dead soul talking.

My contention is that the universe holds infinite satisfaction for those that can develop and use all or nearly all the parts of their mental potential. An actor, musician, scientist, engineer, doctor, lawyer, psychologist, that are accomplished in their professions, or politicians of noble character know who they are, why they are, what they are, what they can do, and how to relate to others in any of these dimensions. They seek power only when having the power is necessary for defense or to accomplish some significant goal. A strong personality, surrounded and raised by similar people is helpless to escape the corral of nothingness.

We were not created with brains of the capacity of world-class artists so that we could command armies to capture terrority, enslave or command populations, or kill. The mental effort to decapitate is nearly zero, yet extinguishes a life, a life that might be a tormet to the excutioner.

The solution must be underhanded. Advertised exposure to the infinite dimensions of life will trigger rebellion, so education systems must be modified from the earliest possible moment, but intelligently and quietly.

The pleasure of mastering a Chopin Ballad, of discovering a new theory of matter, of winning Olymic gold, is infinite, but cannot be appreciate by one who knows only how to behead.

It is a little like gun addiction. One pullllrieijkjvnnz

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