WHO IS AT FAULT (TEXT) - John Wawrzonek

See also: “Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene” for a thorough explanation of the long term view.

Climate VII: So Who Is At Fault?


We will restrict the fault to those who could have done something about it.

1. Scientists: focus on the doable as opposused to engineers who will try to solve anything. Scientists cannot be wrong and so don't ever say something that might backfire against them. And if they really believed, where was the 1000 scientist march on the White house 30 years ago, occupying the capital steps, etc.

2. The media. A bit like the scientists (at least the honest media). but not ready to raise a ruckus. The New York Times burries the news and then runs a Sunday Magazine Special with the pitiful absolution that we, you and I, could have stopped this 30 years ago. Horsehair shirts, bread and water, and dungeons for the editors and publisher and the same for all the other reasonable papers.

Religion. Flunk. Custodians of the earth. Evangelicals, double flunk. Absolving Trump because of some suspicious attactraction to Trump. This is a horror story. Glad because the end times are coming and we will (without raising a finger to help) be sbsolved, blessed, etc.9

Television: I don't watch it but I suspect it is just another item of news, just like the newspapers.

Engineers: A tough one, being in that category. It sure got my dander up when I first heard about it about 15 years ago. I did waste a lot of computer ink on this web site.

Artists. No. None of the right muscles.

Educators: Yes. Big Time. My alma mater (MIT) is running its first conferences on the topic this October 2019. It was voted the best engineering school in the world for 37 straight years by US News. Perhaps it is just too outlandish. No. It is jist too inconvient.

Al Gore. OK. But not completely. I attended one of the local group meetings and slide show years ago. The hockey stick slide show. I was a marketing manager at Bose Corporation and we had to commmunicate simple technology to consumers. We spent a quarter million dollars on a 15 minute nine projector slide show. Locked everyone in an acousticallly perfect room and had a man, Bob Petrucci, produce the shows. A genius. About 150 times better than Al Gore. We we lucky Bose had Bob (and me to a lesser extent.)

And, let us not forget the oilly business. Let them boil in it.

So that's the news from Lake Woe.

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