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When I read of the various conferences of the IPCC my reaction is "you've got to be kidding." What needs to be done will need a strong central authority. This will not be done by committee, especially a committee of such varied cultures, scientific knowledge, etc.

The I recall stories I have read. Donald Trump is a classic. His response when first asked about climate change: "I don't believe it." Of course not. He doesn't have a prayer of understanding it, so he puts it down. Otherwise it would destroy his ego to ask for an explanation.

India has just installed and enormous solar facility. Its 2.5 GW capacity approaches that of three large nuclear facilities. Yet there will be no reduction in emissions for the extra power is to accommodate growth.

Donald Trump has relaxed EPA regulations to the point of meaninglessness.

There is little time left. The IPCC will hold more meetings, but they should be with leaders, not representatives or at least a plenary session of the UN where someone drives home what is really going on and the very life of the planet depends upon them. But then they will go home and fight for their political lives.


I have had two fathers. My biological father died at age 59. He expressed a faith in me beyond what I knew was possible.

Seven years before my father died I joined Dr. Bose's group at MIT. He became my faculty advisor and three years later I joined the nascent Bose Corporation. As its 5th employee. I was with Bose Corporation for 23 years and then set out on my own as a fine art landscape photographer. Dr. Bose and I remained friends until he died.

From the time I joined his group I had the privilege of working with him one on one for many hours, alone in his office and talking about anything and everything. His attitude was much like my father's. Anything can be done. He certainly did it.

Coincidently as I was in the midst of writing this section I received an e-mail from my very good friend and fabulous photographer, Joseph Holmes. He told me of a company: https://www.xyleco.com that had made a very important breakthrough in the use of biofuels. (He must be right. The former head of MIT's chemical engineering department has just joined their board.)

There are hundreds of other companies working on all aspects of the climate problem. The only one left is faith in humanity. It always beats pessimism.

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