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THE COMBINED EFFECTof contiued emission growth, rising sea levels, multiple hurricanes and typhoons of record smashing intensity, problems with providing sufficient drinking water, record breaking and life threathrening temperations, etc. now demand that we begin with all possible speed and effort to prepare for the coming climate catastrophe.

Accordingly, in parallel with the World Climate Authority the United Nations shall create the organization and infrastructure to deal with the food shortages, flooding, sea level rise, disease, migrations, etc. Essentially all the powers of all elements of society will be harnessed to attempt to mitigate the effects of an out-of-control climate.

Simultaneously the United Nations shall estblish an Education and Advisory Authority to gather and create information necessary. Included shall be an intense world wide program to teach the meaning of reciprocity to everyone so that cultures, institutions, schools, colleages and university shall bring the thinking and attitudes of the world to a level consistent with an advanced civilization.

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