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6. A Historic Arc

Climate Change Through June 2019


There are several forces working in different directions:

1. There has been no redduction in emissions.

2. Coal is still widely used.

3. A major decrease in emissions is essential starting now.

3. The reason is to avoid triggering the release of methane in the oceans and tundra. If the reduction does not happen soon enough (and it may already be too late) then temperatures will continue rising no matter what we do. This could result in the deaths of billions of people, extensive disease, drought, fires and high temperture extremens. Although this should be avoideed at all costs and President Trump is trying to destroy the credibility of science.

4. This is the single greatest crisis in all of human history and we are failing completely. My prognosis is a severe drop in population (on the order of 50%) and a continued decling following.

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