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And and the greatest problem humanity has ever faced.

Since 1860 or thereabouts the carbon dioxide generated by burning all the fossil fules: wood, natural gas, oil in all its forms especially gasoline. For about 100 years the atmosphere could handle the extra CO2 but trouble was brewing. The CO2 blanket over the earth (just to be sure: this blanket is extra CO2 mixed with all the gasses going up to about 10 miles over the surface of the earth) has started to affect the weather.

And this is where the skeptics come in.

For many reasons many people don't believe the story I have told so far, despite the fact that it is backed up by the work of thousands of scientific organizations, universities, independent laboratories, and especially govermental agencies such as NASA.

Despite the fact that we are putting over 50 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into the air every year. So let's get one thing straight: the difference between weather and climate: weather is every day temperature, rain, snow, wind, etc. Climate is the average of all these things over many years. So the climate of New England is not that much different from the climate of the much of the norther part of the remainder of the united states. Bit it is very different from the climate of Florida, Alaska, the mohave desert, the Arctic and so forth.

However, if we start adding CO2 to the atmosphere all over the earth, it will change the climate all over the earth, generally bercoming warmer. The blanket is getting thicker. And the consequences have become severe, even though the average temperature as of October 2018 has increased just 1°C or 1.7°F. And now we have some pictures to look at and some explaining to do, one of which is that storms (especially huricanes and typhoones) have become much stronger.

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