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1. How many things could one civilization do wrong

2. Be on the edge of an Earth destroying cataclism

3. Have no central organization for dealing with the problem

4. Have no leader for dealing with the problem

5. Have a political party dealing with high school sex scandals rather than the future of the planet

6. Have no unified scientific leadeship

7. Have a population that does not understand the problem

8. Have time be of the essence, yet doing nothing to deal with the most important issues

9. Having confronted years of devestating weather and be on the edge of doubling or tripling the temperature rise that caused it

10. Have thirty years of warning wasted

11. Have business leaders who knew of the problem of fossil fuels decades ago continue to sell the product, advertise it and surpress the negative stories.

And so on.

I predict that if the history of this Earth is ever written, the pencils will refuse to write.
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