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EVEN THE BEST SCIENTISTS have never comprehended the scope and depth of what is at stake in dealing with global warming.

For millions of years the Earth existed in harmony with itself. After billions of years of change it had settled into an ecology condusive to an amazing array of life, and in this hospitible environment homo sapiens evolved.

Homo sapiens, or humans as we are now known, acquired abilities far beyond every other creature, abilities with the power to change the Earth that gave them birth. Yet they did not develop the wisdom to understand the Earth or what they were doing to it, (nore did they develop an ability to cooperate across tribal boundries).

THIS CAPABALITY has changed the planet to the point that the Earth itself is in danger of not being able to support them, a most amazing irony.

Human beings are now at a critical place. What they have done is change the "climate," the atmosphere that provides air to breath, water for drinking and raising food and a stabiity of temperature necessary for survival. They have also changed a climate that was reasonaby quiesient, sufficiently so as not to unduly threaten human lives, to one that has become more threatening and inhospitable, sometimes in unexpected ways.

ALTHOUGH SCIENTISTS BECAME AWARE decades ago of what had been happening, they had not been able to communicate to the population at large what it needed to do to stop the damage. However, the the needed actions pale in comparison to the time wasted while further damage was done.

California Wildfire

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