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Where do we go from here?

SOME VERSION OF THE GRAPH below is the picture that stays in my mind. The Earth had done its thing for about 5 billion years with small and monumental upheavals, but as it settled down and created an environment for higher formers of life, it had settled down. The principle disturbances were the ice ages the last ending about 20,000 years ago but nevertheless providing room for our migration from Africa begun some 50,000 years ago. And finally Terra Del Fuego, in a sense the end of the Earth. No further to go in South America.

Meanwhile America was being populated by another split off the same group. And a group of those humans who had come up from Africa made there way to Iceland and stayed for some time, but ultimately too cold

So the Earth is now populated and for 50,000 or so years, we lived primarily as hunter-gathers having developed truly remarkable hunting and social skils that kept tribes fed and peace within the tribes.

Then about 40,000 years after our migration northward from Africa, the single event of the beginning of "modern man", the invention and/or discovery of agritulture revolutionized the development of human society, primarily by job loss and the dissultion of tribes in their traditional form. There were now thousands of men (and a few women) without obligationt to the huter-gatherer tribe but with remnants of their skills remaining.

Modern civilzation had begun about 5,000 BCE with the unemployed hunter gatherers. New tribes formed either for politial or religious reasons. The roots of Christianity and Islam lie here.

From a climate perspective the next pivitol event was the evention of the steam engine abot 1860. Energy and power were a giant leap for modern soiety and a new set of tribes with new kinds of leaders, now reasonable called businessment, began to dominate society. Those with the mental skills to run a businesss built factories that employed hundreds of workers for the first time operating machinery that had run for some time in a relevatively few locations and with limited size off water power. Now the shackles were off and with steam power a factory could be anywhere and of any size. And the Earth began to warm.

This seems to me to be an ultimate irony. The very long term eveolution of mankind had resulted in a technology that had the potential to devestate the Earth destroy the societies that man had built. The first major impact of this warming was happening about the time the Yankees were dominating baseball in the early 1950s. However, the singular fact was that only a handfull of people knew that the Earth was warming and it was doing it in an insidiously subtle way. Modern man was continuing with the tribalism, now in a new form, learning a bit of science but not enough to make him sufficiently aware or curious or cautions or caring about nature that had sustained him from the beginning.

And in 2018 it all comes together as a small bit of heat from less than 200 years ago is now threatening the existence of modern lifestyles for sure, but possibly human life itself. And in the perfect storm the societies of the Earth that had been tending toward democeracy started a backward and less sintelligent shift toward oligragy. For the tribal leaders of the pass had become either honest although held in thrall by wealth, or dishonest but also possessed by this wealth. And so a comparativvely silent crisis is at this moment fomenting. A relatively uncomprehending society does not realize that a race must be held between emission and remission with the worst part, I believe, with no one in chaerge. The pretender to the throne of "King Of The Earth" (at least in his own mind), is for all intents and purposes, insane.

To be continued.

To say it is an act of God, is to shirk our responsibility to God.

To offer any excuse is to shirk our responsibility to the entire Creation.

In another sense, it may be an act of God, but not the one we expected.

It seems to me that this is the decisive moment for humanity, although there will be more if we pass this one.

Karen Armstrong, in her studies of the world's religions, found that slowly an old concept, from the time of creation , was slowly asserting itself into the soul of humanity.

It goes by two names, one "the golden rule" we tend to brush off as first grade Sunday School, or just a nicity we quote from time to time.

One day I stood very near my adopted son as he was struggling with a crisis to establish himself in life, and I felt as if his heart reached out and grabbed hold of mine and I felt the force of his life, and I knew I would have given mine so he could have his, because it was so beautiful.

This is where the golden rule acquires the depth of its reality and becomes something we call "reciprocity." It is different from the "golden rule" in that it contains within its meaning the assertion that we are equal although one may be a CEO and the other a pauper and our responsibility to each other is equal and it cannot be escaped. Reciprocity is not practiced at the levels of power, government and business.

Had it been, the executives of PB and Exxon could not have shirked their responsibility to every other human and to the Earth, provided they understood it the way I did standing next to Greg.

And then they would have realized the future of this creation was in their hands and soul and the outcome would have been different.

But they did what they did. And now the realization must become ours.

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