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Chapter VI

Climate Change Today-May 16, 2019

In writing strategic plans, I learned first to create a "situation analysis." The concept was simple: write a brief description of those elements that characterize the problem, plus the strategy for accomplishing the objective. It began with what is almost a ditty that runs through my head: strengths, weaknesses, problems, opportunities, objectives, strategy.

So where does this take us? I am going to write these in an order that I think is appropriate to the earth, its people, and climate change.

1. Problem: The earth is warming due to greenhouse gasses emitted by human activity.

2. Problem: Many people choose not to believe it for a varity of reasons: fear of what it might mean; it is a difficult problem to understand; belonging to a group where group-think denies it makes questioning difficult.

3. Problem: Imaginaging the future is difficult even for scientists although even the best outcomes are very serious and possibly even cataclismic.

4. Problem: There is an inherent problem: people do not want to make drastic changes in their lives until it becomes as clear as, perhaps, a mass shooting or an attack by a foreign power.

5. Problem: Not making drastic changes could result in an uninhabitable earth.

6. Problem: No one is quite sure what should or must be done although a bit of intense, commited and organized thinking could arrive at a reasonable plan.

7. Problem: Leaders may understand how to respond if their country is attcked but cannot grasp how, on a bright beautiful day, that the ultimate consequences could be decades away, and so mustering a sense of urgency seems unnecessary.

8. Problem: Doing what needs to be done may require great financial sacrifice.

9. Problem: The world is divided into tribes: believers and non-believes and despite overwhelming evidence they tend to be frozen in their tribe's position.

10. Problem: There is no clear leader, say a Franklin Roosevelt or a Winston Churchal to rouse the populace.

11. Problem: There is no clear attack or invasion to provide an impetus for action.

12. Problem: There are critical irrational obstructors such as Donald Trump.

13. Problem: There are imbeded geographic obstacles such as housing constructed in flood plains and cities below sea level.

14. Problem: World gatherings attempting to create solutions have been seriously inadequate for a variety of reasons.

15. Problem: There is a serious temptation to let future generations deal with the problem despite the danger of catalyclsems and far greater costs if we wait.

16. Problem: In the end we are impotent, without a plan and facing certain catastrophe.

So there is our strategic plan: Problems.

Next: Visualizations, an attempt to make it real.

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