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Problems, Prognosis

In this, the most serious crisis in human history,
most people don't understand it, even if they say they do.

Despite the "green new deal" I cannot comprehend how the world is reacting to this most serious crisis in all the history of humanity and humanity doesn't understand it even if they say they do.

I learned of it on the web about 15 years ago. I am an engineer (MIT 63, 65, 67), scientist (you can't help that after 7 years at MIT), a fine art photographer and musician. Professor Amar Bose of MIT and loudspeaker fame was my advisor at MIT and subsequently my "boss," colleague, and friend for a total of about 50 years until virtually the day he died.

When I was in my 8th year at MIT (seven as student and one as a research associate) it dawned on me that there would be at least 2 more years to complete a dissertation. MIT is a tough place and I told Professor Bose that it was the end of the road. It took him all of 10 seconds to say "do you want a job?" and I became the 5th (as in five) employee of the nascent Bose Corporation. When I walked in the door they handed me my own NASA contract for power conversions systems to drive moon buggies and put me in charge of loudspeaker development and quality control. After 7 years I took over marketing of audio equipment. After launching the Bose car stereo system which took about a year I began working half-time so I could put more time into photography. In 1990 after 23 wonderful years at Bose I went into photography full time. Dr. Bose and I stayed friends until the end of his life.

Around 2000 I read my first story about climate change. It described the mechanisms by which the change would be self re-enforcing. The first words that passed through my head: "we're screwed." Such a monumental energy system subject to the constantly increasing green-house effect and subject to heat causing more heat (positive feedback) could, without monumental intervention, only spell doom. And the intervention we got from the oil companies, fully conscious of the damage they were causing (from a 1959 lecture by Edward Teller as well as their own research), was to hide the bad news and push and push to sell more carbon based fuels: oil, coal, national gas among others. This left me with another task: how could rich businessman commit murder and suicide.

It is inconcieveable that they continue to do it today.

As I watched the world not respond, and learned some premative web design (I use the same platform as for my photographs) I felt I needed to tell some stories, do some explaining and scream some warnings. I knew that I would never reach enough people but I had to do something. So I registered some web domains and started working. It is now May 2019 and I have been working often 12 hour days, learning, organizing and trying to figure out how to explain the situation so something would be done. But the seriousness of global warming and the need for urgent action have so far proved impossible to get across.

This is my nth try.

The consequences of climate change are many. Two of the most frightening are drought and heat illustrated in the two images below. First a dried out lake bed and the people in India a bit desperate to escape the heat.

And this is just the beginning.

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