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One degree, two degrees, three degrees, four....

HUMANS DID NOT CONTRIBUTE SIGNIFICANT carbon dioxide to the atmosphere until about 1860 and the beginning of the industrial age and for some time their contribution was not significant. During the early days when the contribution was small it would have been "lost in the noise" a common engineering or mathametical term which implies that the effect is "swamped" by all the other forces that are affecting atmospheric temperature or carbon dioxide concentration.

IF CARBON DIOXIDE DECAYED so its effect did not last long there would be no concern. However, its effects linger although the C02 is eventually absorbed by the oceans. For our purposes we will assume a longevity of 100 years. This fact becomes important in limiting the very long term impact of CO2. However, as CO2 is released by burning of fossil fuels, it does accumulate and by the greenhouse effect (see diagram below) begins to heat the earth. Since 1860 the Earth, which means air, oceans, and land, has warmed by about 1°C which seems insignificant. However, to accompish this requires about 1022Joules of energy, which is enormous, keeping in mind that this includes land, sea and air, although at first thought no one could guess just what this would do.

HOWEVER, ALL THE WEATHER ANOMALIES of the last 20 years or so are due to this 1°C. At this point I suggest looking at the slide show below to get an idea. Each effect, drought, flood, wildfire would have its own explanation and I will not get into those details, but it is safe to say the effect is very large. The following page is a list with descriptions. The slide show below shows some of the reality. The problem that faces us going forward is that we are virtually guaranteed at least 1°C more and possibly several degrees depending on how the human race responds from now forward. The likelihood, which I discuss below, is a cataclasism. It doesn't have to happen but human beings do not know enough science and do not work well enough together.

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