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The Earth and Civilization are both on a precipice. The coincidence of global warming, short term profits, shareholder value, and an inherited limit on context, reason, connections, collateral damage have added up.

The prognosis of the IPCC and the EPA are terrifying. The rightward swing of politics world wide are menacing. The foolishness of the working class to fall for Trumps bullshit is demoralizing.

The efforts of thousands of attorneys, civic leaders, political leaders, all with their heads screwed on properly is encouraging.

What is missing is someone or something to explain to leaders, grab them by the throat if necessary, that everything within or without reason is necessary to stop the emissions, while embracing reciprocity: caring for the earth, the environment and all of humanity.

It is a precipice.

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Below: A slide show tour of a little of what has happened so far.

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