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A few days ago I had lunch with my wife and a women friend. I mentioned that I was working on a global warming website. I had an almost instantaneous feeling that, as she mumbled something about sun spots she had just created a bubble around herself. When I suggested that greenhouse gasses were better imagined as a blanket around the planet the bubble made it clear that the conversation was over. Another friend, an evangelical, was convinced these were the end times, in spite of the evidence of many other planets should this one be completely finished off. What made it unnerving was I sensed a pride and arrogance that this was a justification of his beliefs, when, in fact, evangelicals have made their own contribution to the problem. It is conversations like these that have compelled me to continue working.

Climate change has put the earth in mortal danger. You may or may not have experienced it. You may believe it is real and man–made or you may attribute it to sun spots but I am certain you do not feel the urgency and terror I feel.What had been fear grew to terror for a number of reasons.

It may be partly because of profession as a landscape photographer but I regard the earth as infinitely precious. As a starter none of us would exist without it and as if in confirmation Apollo 8 brought back the first images of the stunning "blue marble."

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From here on are a number of stories, eplanations, and a prognosis. All are in a sense an explanation of my terror and that terror is as deep and comprehensive as I can imagine, but two parts summarize it:

1. The way the earth was created and the magnitude of the gift it is to us.

2. The utterly cassual way we have ripped it, pounded it, pouluted it, exploited it, ignorded it and neglected it to the point that its survival as a home for humanity is doubtful. Already the damage is plainly visible. But the fact that in the face of this knowledge we continue to pummel it as if the only thing that mattered was making an extra dollor today and the hell with tomorrow. This is inconcieveable to me and makes every day one of a quiet terror or, literally, a scremeing one, often in my sleep.

Every minute that goes by reduces the chances for remediation, and the number of people who understand this is infinitesimal, include the brightest and most influential citizens of the planet, and to my mind the most guilty are the editors of our media. I sense that a spate of degrees, even doctorates does not bring comprehension but worse, results in a haughty over confidence that they are doing their jobs. They are not and they do not know it.

However, even with my science background, it has taken me years to understand the problem of explaining what is happening and even if I succeed it will likely be too late.

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