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The Earth is being destroyed before our very eyes.
Without a wholesale change in attitude the Earth could become uninhabitable.

We must find a way to reduce emissions to LESS THAN ZERO.

Meanwhile, scientists are studying evidence that polar ice sheet melting is accelerating or that methane released from the tundra could start a vicious cycle of self-reinforcing temperature rise.

As Time Magazine said: "Be afraid. Be very afraid."

Following is the opening paragraph of the feature story by Bill McKibben from the November 26 issue of The New Yorker. McKibben is one of the pioneering scientists in the field:

"Thirty years ago, this magazine published “The End of Nature,” a long article about what we then called the greenhouse effect. I was in my twenties when I wrote it, and out on an intellectual limb: climate science was still young. But the data were persuasive, and freighted with sadness. We were spewing so much carbon into the atmosphere that nature was no longer a force beyond our influence—and humanity, with its capacity for industry and heedlessness, had come to affect every cubic metre of the planet’s air, every inch of its surface, every drop of its water. Scientists underlined this notion a decade later when they began referring to our era as the Anthropocene, the world made by man."

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Here is what happens
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I am an engineer and scientist with 3 degrees from MIT. I have been in a panic for 10 years because I don't believe most people understand how serious this is. The Earth is our only place to live. We have damaged the Earth terribly and now we are, for all intents and purposes killing it.

It is like a car parked in the sun. The glass traps the heat that comes from the cushions and carpets that are warmed by the sun. Except that the glass is replaced by carbon dioxide gas in the smoke from burning oil, coal and natural gas. The carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential, although there is only a small amount, to trap enough heat to make the earth livable.

But we have almost doubled the CO2 and have destroyed that balance. Watch the slide show above and you will find what has been happening. The major things:

1. In some places the extra heat dries out vegetation and we get all time record wildfires. California is a terrifing example. Also the droughts that exacerbate the wildfires also affect drinking water supplies. You will also see those in the slide show.

2. The heat warms the ocean which makes the air more humid and makes storms stronger, bigger and makes them drop huge (like over four FEET) amounts of rain. You will see many examples in the slide show.

3. The heat makes the ocean level rise, eventually by many feet, by heating it (heat causes expansion) and melting ice and snow at the poles. Some of our cities near the coast already get regular flooding. The way we are going, they will be underwater during the lives of our grand kids.

4. In warmer parts of the world it gets so hot people have to go into rivers to cool off. Otherwise they die. And tens of thousands have already died.

5. There are many other problems but the worst is that the heat melts what is known as the "tundra," millions of square miles of frozen decayed plant life mostly in northern Russia. The plants rotting and now melting give off METHANE, a gas 30 times worse than carbon dioxide. So global warming amplifies itself. And there is methane in the oceans too and the warming will release it.
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