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I REMEMBER DURING THE GREAT recent recession watching on television the top economic federal official (I will remember his name eventually) talking about "magic fingers" that he (as a conservative, free market economist) had absolute faith in to manage the economy and that nothing further needed to be done. In retrospect, I am amazed I didn't throw up on the rug.

Any student of civilization, economics, or just anyone who thinks, knows there is no magic. Malice, perhaps, but not magic.

Foresight is something you DO, not something you wait for to happen. It is the great myth of the free market economy that it somehow does the right thing. Especially when the only right things are growth and shareholder value.

There does not exist a discussion of what "Life" (as with a capitol "L") should be like in these United States. Or perhaps the meaning of a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" means, since it does not exist. Or even what Jefferson meant by the pursuit of happiness.

As in virtually every civilization in history, progress is growth and shareholder value, and the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Just ask American and French farmers.


Because once you have the money you own the government, and once you own the government you can have as much money as you wish. There is nothing in nature or the free market or our constitution that implements justice. There is nothing that says, despite how obvious it is that robots and AI are going to take over, or that we are going to close coal mines that we should think ahead, make plans, understand people and their prediciments and, being in a place of power and having the intelligence to be able to do it, to plan to make justice, fairness and sharing (look up "reciprocity" on this site) happen.

As I watched the wife of the owner on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" insist on redesign of the master suite of her finished $27,000,000 yacht think about how many children will die without health care to satisfy her whim.

To put it in my language: The System Sucks.

We either take responsibility for each other or we face the fact that we are barbarians, nose-bones or not, because those in power want all they can get.

My personal preference (which I believe Yo Yo Ma would second) is to require the intense teaching of classical music from pre-school on in return for a far richer life, joy instead of "jollies" and many more symphony orchestras who pay good saleries, many more music teachers and instrument makers, and many more patrons. With a minimum of greenhouse gases.

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