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Chapter V

Before & After

I have photographed the earth near my home for over fourty years plus a few brief excursions to other places. However, the earth is always changing and being near beautiful areas thoughout the year is essential. I have included one of these photographs (out of 20,000 sheets of 4x5 film) on every page for these images remind me of what once was.

In my area in eastern Massachusetts I watched fall starting to change in subtle ways about twenty years ago. Now in the last few years spring goes by more quickly and the brilliant reds of fall, while they still appear north of here, are gone from the places I used to know.

One of my favorite was Walden Pond and I published a book titled The Illuminated Walden. This image of the pond and a red maple at sunset was one of the last I took with my 4x5 view camera.

We do not yet know what the future will bring except the weather will be warmer. The only benefit is lower heating bills, which will be countered by higher cooling bills. But there are many downside and what they are will depend on three things: 1. Where you live; 2. The kind of weather you normally get and how it is changing; 3. Just how much temperature rise we get. In the limit the tropics may reach Alaska.

One could argue that I am comparing the ideal with anomalous weather. However, the upper photographs were once routine and I have not seen anything like them for several years.

The lower photographs in the slide show were once rare. They are no longer so and many of them have never happened before. And there are many of those to be added.

Morning Lights
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