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I HAVE A STRONG SCIENTIFIC BACKGROUND and explaining climate change to anyone not convinced, for whatever reason, is next to impossie. The earth's weather and climite together are among the most complex scientific problems in the universe.

It is possible to explain the greenhouse effect (which I do elsewhere) but that doesn't get you very far.

IN TODAY'S POLITICAL CLIMATE conclusions are drawn based on the convictions of people around you. Few will stand against the crowd. Across the aisle reasoning it next to impossible. Even if one becomes convinced that climate change exists the next step, that it is caused by human activitity can be difficult.

My approach is to first state how much carbon dixoxide we put into the atmosphere. Last year, all the world's nations combined pumped nearly 38.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air from the burning of fossil fuels. The shear magnitude makes one (at least me) shudder. The CO2 accumulates in the atmosphere. From the section on greenhouse effect, we know that CO2 reflects heat so as the sun shines on the earth and warms it, that which is warmed radiates the heat back into the atmosphere. However, the more CO2 in the air the more heat is reflected back and, presto, the atmosphere becomes a more effectly blanket, just like pulling the covers up to warm yourself in bed.

However, few are willing to listen and those that do usually reject the the concept out of hand. What to do?



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THIS APPROACH WORKS FOR A LOT OF THINGS the climate is changing by the following:

1. Look for crazy weather. This is a little like sunrise and sunset. It has been following the same pattern for a long, long time. So what's changing and how can you tell. (You will have to believe some facts (like the graph above) but you can check it out in a lot of different places.

2. Scientists are saying it's carbon dioxide in the air. So has that changed. Well it's up about 70% (probably more by now). What could cause it?

3. One thing to consider is how much carbon dixoide we add to the atmosphere each year and see if that seems to be a big or small number. Well for 2016 it was 75 million tons. Plus it accumulates.

4. Really unusual things are happening: massive melting of polar ice; substantial rise in ocean level; flooding from huge amounts of rain all at once.

5. This list goes on and on. I will add more and details, but you can find them scattered through this web site.

6. Correlation: This is critical. All that is happening to the climate is tracking the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This is unmistakable. It is also unthinkable that with us added two million tons of carbon dioxide (which we KNOW is a greenhouse gas) PER SECOND is not going to mess things up is not believable.

7. So what is so critical now? Look at my graphs. THese are projects I created simply from historical data, but they agree with other methods climate scientists have created, expect they show we are at a sharp bend (inflection point) in the temperature curve. Another few years (my estimate is 10) and we loose control which means the temperature will keep going up and the earth will become catastrophically less liveable. Billions of people will likely die.

8. WHO has the responsibility now? Unfortunately the world's leaders who are preoccupied with other things. Amd—I have no doubt about this–are simply dumb, and of course I have Donald Trump in mind. How do I know he is so out of it? Forget everything everyone talks about. I listen for when he talkes about about things I REALLY know about, like aircraft carriers. He is so far off base, that he does not understand the slightest, simpleist part of the issues. Worse, in everything he does, he does not know he doesn't know. Ann intelligent man is one who knows what he knows and when to listen to othe rpeople. Donand Trump has no ideaa of what he knows. He himself says he gets his information from Fox. My god!

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