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Global warming is self-reinforcing. We have been ignoring it and now it is running wild on its own, unimpeded by intelligent civilization.

THE TRAGEIES THAT HAVE STRUCK THE EARTH from the wildfires of California, to the history setting typhoon of the Pacific, to the hurricanes of 2016, the heatwaves, the melting of the Arctic, temperatures over 90°F north of the Artic Circle, are no longer the norm but are rather the precursors of worse, and likely much worse, whether events too come.

We are seriously behind in meeting the targets of the Paris Accords and that is crucial evidence of the place into which we have put ourselves.

Global warming, the most important event in the history of humanity has been prempted by President Trump, tribal wars, local and global politics to a back seat in human history.

AN ABSENCE OF LEADERSHIP has become the deciding factor. When we need an FDR or a Churchill, we have Donald Trump. It is hard to know whether to laugh or cry. A more ridiculous comparison (God and Satin is close enough) is what we have. And neither of them would likely be up to the job.

Global warming is nearly impossible to put one's arms around. It is a hoard of ghosts rampaging over the planet: invisible, sometimes striking rapidly, but with another layer doing its work slowly and quietly, something like a super devilish cancer in a person's body.

Nobel scientists such as Dr. James Hansen having warned for 30 years, still speak out ("the shit has hit the fan") but the populace is not up to hearing him. For many reasons.

The are identifiable causes such as science education, a preoccupation with the soap opera of politics, the gradual American and global shift away from educated liberal democracies.

The internet domain this site uses, inanothersshoes.com (the other two are forwarded) was intended to examinae human attitudes, such as tribalism, violance, gun ownership, low interest in science and many others, when global warming took over my conscience. I don't know what is next, but there is much that I have done on global warming that may merit being put back into this site.

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