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America was founded to rid itself of a king but for many reasons it did not know what a king really was and so did not fully appreciate what it had done. A freedom from dominion is not the same as understanding that freedom. Understanding requires an awareness of reason and the underpinnings of science. In America both are only scattered through the population and are now wholly missing from large parts of our government and especially the presidential administration.

Abraham Lincoln articulated the foundation of American government as "of the people, by the people and for the people." We have reached the place of not understanding a single world of that statement. "Of, "by," and "for" are each concepts that have slipped by us. The necessity of Lincoln's simplicity no longer has a hold on us.

An accident of history left us at the end of two great wars with a sense of life focused on growing prosperity and an unprecedented ease of supporting ourselves, but without Lincoln's foundation nor with a deep hold on the meaning of a civilized democracy. The golden rule of reciprocity was far from the consciousness of those in power. A consequence was that a peaceful and united America gradually revealed its splintered underpinnings becoming two countries we tagged as "conservative" and "liberal."

We started two utterly unnecessary wars resulting in the deaths of three million or more people all barely within the consciousness of the American population. At home we incarcerated at a prodigious rate, instilled racism firmly into our very being, built an economic system without justice, and finally elected another king, vastly worse than the one from which we had originally won our freedom.

Racism was instilled into our beings by such basic necessities as text books that blamed the civil war on economic issues. Only in 2019 will these books identify the cause of the civil war as the expansion of slavery.

Coincidently at the time of this war a tragedy of the greatest proportion was beginning with the invention of steam power that required burning fossil fuels. Although a warning had been sounded in 1824 by Joseph Fourier, it was barely noticed. A much louder warning was sounded by James Hansen in 1988 and it was noticed, but accomplished little.

So on Thanksgiving Day in 2018 as I write this we have two new wars on our hands: a threat of fossil fuel emissions that could make many parts of our earth uninhabitable if not the entire earth, and a king who considers it a hoax and does not comprehend certainty and science. So we stand with two calamities on our doorstep and insufficient organization to oppose to either.

This website began as an examination of human relationships, but the climate crisis caused me to turn to that issue. Now the two have merged in my mind. The fundamental sociolological and spiritual concept of reciprocity, always lingering in my mind as fundamental to civilization, has come to the fore as something we must understand as critical to morality and union. It is the foundation of how we treat and understand each other and thus addresses the difficulties we face. So the next step is to understand reciprosity and apply it to the problems of our civilization.

A second necessity is to expand the context of our thinking by bringing to the fore what science knows about our origins. The great writers of history did not have before them the knowledge of how the universie originated, how our species evolved and developed, nor what we know about the meaning of race. Pondering this knowledge will change us, I believe, for the better. It will cause us to question the very meaning of our existence and give us a sense of the stunning magnitude of the cosmic events that brought us here. A consequence is that we do not question the meaning of our very existence nor have a sense of the stunning magnitude of the cosmic events that brought us here.

But even more important is that we do not even think about the fundamental capabilities of consciousness and sentience that make us who we are, and so limit tragically our ability to comprehend reciprocity and the satisfaction, mental gratification and joy that comes from a full use of our minds.
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I have begun to suspect that President Trump makes faces when he has nothing intelligent to say.  He would make a great photographic exhibit.

WE ARE IN THE MIDST OF A PERFECT STORM of negligence, misinformation, no information and a President with a technical IQ of zero.

In virtually every criticism President Trump makes, it is not a criticism of the issues, but anger at disagreement with him. He has made technical comments on other issues that indicate he knows utterly nothing. How he ever came to thinking of climate change as a "hoax" leaves me speechless.

And he would have to be the one to lead the effort.

To succeed under the best of conditions would be a close call. To succeed with a mindless support of coal, is an impossibility.

Trump also shows his vacant mind and incredible by meddling in military technical issues. Recently he criticized the Navy for substituting electromagnetic launchers for carrier planes in place of antiquated steam catapults. It is insane for him to think he knows anything about this. I am never sure whether to say President Trump will go down in history, because I am never sure there will be a history.

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