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What a Human Being Is?

There are three web domain names for this site. The official one is caringfortheearth.com. A less official one that also works is thearthistoast.com.

But there is a third and it is the one that shows up in the urls on the site. It also works and is inanothersshoes.com. It is what this site started out to deal with but the urgency of the Earth took over and I never have had the time to do switching.

This question has no answers, but it has lots of questions. One of the biggest is why the fossil fuel companies didn't give a damn about the Earth. It is the same one as why the head os PHillip Morris are now peddling cigarettes to every young kid in every nation that will let them. This is a form of killing, for we know what is going to happen.

When I was running a tiny fine art printing company to make better prints of the Earth, the angel investor in charge declard to all that the only thing that mattered is "shareholder value." And in most cases that still holds, although there are more and more divestitures.

But the questions around this question roam far and deep and I plan to go back to the original purpose of inanotheersshoes and try asking them, all the way back to the beginning of the universe and how the Earth was formed and how man came into being for there are some fundamental answers that elude me completely.

However, his is not going to get us much further on warming, but two images come to mind: fracking and especially strip mining. But also coal mining where recently 27 minors died with clear violation of safety regulations and utterly no conceern for coal'seffect on the Earth.

Time to move on.

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