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3. Wonder Overwhelmed

Whenever I think about what humanity has done to the earth and is now doing to the what the future might be a sadness and wonder about the human race takes over my mind and soul.

The meaning of life is Life. The phenominal experience we call sentience. At one time I thought the only part of it that was importnt was joy. Now I feel that all of it is important because all of our experience. But this word is overused for my purposes.

To be aware, conscious, noting, experiencing, allowing what you are seeing and hearing, amoung those things that are trivial which we can forget....Look at the stars the trillians of them and realize that the largest thing there can be, the universe, came the smallest thing that can be.

Look at the time line of the universe, look it up in Wikipedia and ponder. You will not comprehend it for the infinite instance of the creation will be an instantaneous burst of infinite energy some from the smallest space there can be and the shortest time there can be brough to us the magnificance of the largest thing there can be, and that brought to us stars and planets and human being~you and me and all the others. And when I think about the earth though the pictures I make or what I see through telescopes my sense of wonder is overwelhemed. All this wonder, and so many wonder-capable souls, but.....an enormouse fury at those who don't know, whose religion tells them the have the greatest god and should slay and they non-believers, except there are an infinite number who think that they are the chosen people and since we cannot choose one we must choose them all and have all contemplate the stars and realize they are all chosen and the task brfore all is to learn to see and to love and to teach seeing and loving and experience for that is Life.

A Spiral Galaxy Like the Milky Way

Spotting a supernova in NGC 5806

The picture above is of a spiral galaxy closely resembling our galaxy. We, of course, cannot take a picture of the Milky Way because we are in the middle of it. So we take what we have learned about the Milky Way and labeled the important parts.

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I have read that the earth is insignificant. It resides in an outer arm of a somewhat small spiral galaxy and there is nothing about it to make it significant.

Significance due to size and location means nothing unless we discover other inhabined planets with life comparable to homo sapiens and who have accomplished more than we. Or haved survived longer.

There are about 1022 stars in each galaxy. (This 10 with the superscript number saves us from writing 22 zeros. So it is a big number or four billion billion stars.)

You may have heard of a project called SETTI which stands for "search for extra terrestrial intelligence." We have been listening for 40 years and have not heard from anyone else.

Orion Nebula

Westerlund 2 — Hubble’s 25th anniversary image
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