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Notes on the website.

This web site is strictly my own work except, of course, of all the material from many sites that are the information I consider important. I began study of climate change about 15 years ago and the web site is one year and 7 months of 12 hour days. It is still a work in progress. There is much ancillary material I find relevant.

There are many links in the menus above and in the TOC below. Many links will not work since I just changed the domain name. They will be repaired day by day.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


COSMOS is the word scientists commonly use to mean the "universe," which in turn means everything there is, and by everything there is nothing what so whatsoever left out. Whichever god you may choose would be in the universe also, except the if god was the creator, god could not create the universe from inside the universe. I leave that for you to ponder.

The big bang, was, as far as we know, created from nothing and so I think of it as a miracle, especially since it was many trillion times smaller than an atom, and eventually gave birth to 1011 (that's a 1 with 10 zeros following; this "scientific notation" saves a lot of writing for really big and really small numbers) galaxies with about 1011 stars in each galaxy or about 1022 stars. That is essentially impossible to comprehend but gives a sense of what a spectacular event this was. No words in any scripture hint at this. To a scientist it is pretty clear that this is for real for many reasons. The TOC gives a list of places to look yto read about it.

But that was just the beginning, for planets and stars the right size to be suns were also created. Then some of the suns had planets the right size that they might support life. This is a big research subject in 2019 but there are no signs of life as yet form any of these planets, and we are just looking in our own galaxy the Milky Way.

But the creation of the planet earth about 5 billion years ago was just another beginning, a beginning thousands of scientists have been studying. There are two giant topics (I know that much of this is hard to swallow, but stick with me and then look at the links): when did life begin, an how did human beings evolve. And here comes a question that causes enormous debates, and, from my perspective, here is the answer: Did god create man or did it happen by evolution. When this is debated I think its assumed that god just created the earth and the big picture disappeares. But if god created anything god created everything including evolution. So all the evidence for the beginning of life and the evolution of humans makes sense and we can just forget the debste. Or at least I do and go on to more importaant problems. And so I have a little list of very important things to talk about and the list is of today's really serious problems.

I. Have we let climate change go too far. My guess is yes and that means a terrible future. A big reason is that nobody is in change. Where we should have had for decades an orgaanization devoted to making sure we were doing the right things. We had plenty of warning but too few people have studied science, and there was virtually no teaching about it in newspapers, magazines, etc. serious enough to get attention. The New York Times had huge black full front page headlines when the Titanic hit and ice berg, but when the United Nations study group started warning of a coming cataclism the storyu was tiny, and maybe once made the front page. None of our presidents was serious about it and of course Donald just doesn't believe it and has the worst possible policies. The only hope is a superhuman president in 2020.

II. Racism. There is just one thing I wish to add to the horrible attitudes and debates, and that is why people have different shades of skin color. The trut

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