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Urgent ~ Urgent ~ Urgent

What's wrong?

No one is in charge. No one is held reponsible. There is no way to be sure a country does what is promised. There are no unifying objectives and strategies.

The IPCC plans were put together by committee so any risky approaches will be killed. What to do? None of this will work with Trump in place. He has ZERO understanding of anything scientific and it will be up to the United States to carry the load. However, Trump may have destroyed the democracy and courts so that America's leadership as in World War II is no longer possible short of a revolution. In which case the earth goes down and Trump is responsible. A nice thing to have as part of your legacy.

1. Create a WORLD CLIMATE AUTHORITY with a scientist and an admistrator at tht top.

2. Create a structure that allows the AUTHORITY to impose serious sanctions as needed.

3. Select a working group of scientists AND engineers and another of admistrators sufficient to develop rapidly a solid strategy and working plan.

The guidelines for the working group are spelled out by the two leaders: evaluate strategies based on a "situation analysis." The guidlines should include both conservative and risky strategies with plans to how they should be put in place.

4. Set up highly competent groups to evaluate nuclear and negative emmision technologies. Note that as time goes by, risky or expensive strategies may be necessary to "close the gap."

It is supremely important to realize that time is of the essence. If certain tipping points are crossed the earth will be on its own and continue to warm creating the next great extinction with only small colonies of humans living at the poles.

6. Secure sufficient funding. All billionaires are targets. The project must NOT be limited by funding, unless you don't care about millions of people dying.

5. Finish the to-do list.

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