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The Search for a Bottom Line

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If we melt enough tundra so that it gives off enough methane so that enough sunlight gets through to keep warming the earth even with zero emissions then we are screwed. Eventually all the ice melts, coastal cities flood, etc. Chaos reins.

We don’t know if we have reached that point yet. With 90°F north of the arctic circle a couple of years ago plus all sorts of overheating (not to mention Australia), we have NO CHOICE BUT TO DECLARE WAR ON CARBON.

Just like Pearl Harbor combined with going to ther moon.

What do we do. Master plan that includes: 1. Prefab nuclear power plants in 3 sizes to meet all needs; 2. Negative emissions on the largest possible scale.

Do I know this will work? What I know is that if we are luckly this has the best chance of keeping for us the earth we love.

Right now we are doing our best to kill the earth and no one has a master plan to fix this.

So it will be up to the next American President to play the parts of Winston Churchill, John Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt and do the declaration of war.

There are three possible outcomes:

1. We spend a lot of money (and so have a roring economy) but it doesn’t help. Result is lousy hot prosperous world.

2. Pretty good results, a little late but quite a bit better than now and holding its own.

3. We get lucky. The tripping point was later than we thought and we worked harder than anyone thought possible.

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I. A Planet On The Brink

The Ultimate Risk

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IV. How Bad Is The Climate

An Instinct To Deny

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II. How Bad Is Our Free Market

The Vice Of Shareholder Value

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III. How Bad Is The Land

Destroy Without A Second Thought

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IV. How Bad Is Our Thinking

As Bad As Out Teaching

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IV. How Bad Is Our Courage

As Bad As Out Understanding

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III. Our Comprehension of Science

When Being Wrong Becomes Reality

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IV. Shining Light On The Subject

The Greenhouse Effect

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V. Shining Light On The Subjects

People And Climate

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VI. Deniers

Narrow And Simple

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VII. Human Nature

Evolutionary Psychology

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VIII. Teaching: Modifying Evolution

Looking, Seeing, Listening, Hearing

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IX. Creation, Creator, Humanity, Morality

Confronting Life

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X. The Planetary Task List

Confronting Death

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XI. Unimaginable

Selling Out

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Once Upon A Time...

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An overcrowded planet

A business community with utter disregard as to what they do

1. Strip Mining

2. Open Pit Mining

3. Tailings left everywhere

4. Stream Pollution without qualms

5. Now Ocean Bottom Devestation

6. Fracking

7. Pipelines

8. No regard for areas affect

9. No regard for runoffs<

10. No regard for anything

11. No regard for pollution

12. No regard for driking water even with lead

13. No regard for cyanamid poison and other poisens

14. No regard for total forest destruction: Amazon, Australia

15. And More

16. A popolace where only a small percentage are conscious of this happening and try to do something about it
(Sierra Club)

17. Business (mostly conservative) demean “tree huggers”

18. No regard for health, education or welfare of workers

19. No regard for how many jobs an individual must work to support a family

20. No regard for health care

21. Prosperty motivating churches

22. Descrimination at will for any reason

23. No comprehension that we are “all of the same tribe genetically”

24. Willing to forget anything for profit

25. Forget carbon, knowing it is a problem 26. Forget the earth

27. Forget anyone who doesn’t belong to the tribe

28. “Shareholder Value” is god.

29. No comprehension of the concept of “reciprocity”

30. No comprehension of the “beauty of the earth”

31. Completely oblivious to the state of the earth

32. Completely obliviouc to the glories of fine art

33. Population oblivious to the glories of the earth.

The Earth, Humanity, and Truth.

Trying To Put the Pieces Together

This is a two year struggle. To explain to those who cannot or do not want to understand what is happening.

There is a mystery at the heart of all of this that ravages the planet, steals from the many to give to a few, that in the face of sublime beauty brings fleets of bull dozers and lets them ravage.

That to a bubbly brook that feeds the river crystal water, pours poisen into the river that destroys childrens minds.

Somne closes the minds and hearts of the destroyers. I call it, for want of a better term, “Shareholder Value.” An enterprise to deliver a service or product and whose operators don’t give a tinkers damn about consequences to anyone or anything but themselves.

Unless they are confronted by a melitia backed by laws and regulations they spit on the planet, spew gasses into the air, scrape the earth, decimate forests, and allow nothing to get in their way but the militia.

Why is one subject.

Stop is the secocnd.

Repair if at all possible is the third for our atmosphere is now such that by our best judgmenmt, life will eventualluy not be sustainable on this planet.

We have caused this warming climate and we are desperate to stop the warming. And more.

I Try to explain here what needs explaining, although the search requiers probing human naturehas never been probedd before, and all will laught that an engineer is trying to find the soul, where all manner of students of humanity have failed. I will chuckle with you, but will try.

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