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To Do List

There are 2 questions:

1. Right now, are we making it better or worse?

The answer: much much worse. By whom: the oil and coal industry is just trying to sell more oil, the worst thing we an do and it is doing its best to put the kabosh on renewables and nuclear.

The fossel fuel industries are virtually forcing humanity to commit suicide.

2. President Trump understands zero except to help the oil companies. He was elected illegally by the Russians. He has committeed multiple impeachable crimes. While he is still here we need to use legislation to have all his appointees and himself bar him from any power, decision making, control or profit making from anything do to global warming.

3. We need to create a new Department of Planet Protection with all the power and funding necessary.

4. Teach scientists to speak English. "Not significant" does not have impact. For our purposes it either is or it isn't.

5. The media needs to treat this as if it were a world war, which it is. It is more significant than World War II because the entire planet is in grave danger.

6. Put together a plan. Get the best scientist, admistrators, and enforcers to get emissions down to zero. Open our wallet. Some hardship will happen, but be sure it happens to the rich.

7. Declare World War III and mobilize America's greatness and intelligence. Adopt the SeaBee's slogan from World War II.

"The difficult we do right away. The impossible takes a little longer."

Or as any good engineer would say, "Cut the shit and get to work."

Oh yes. One more thing: Put Rex Tillerson and his chronies in jail.

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