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You Had Better Believe It

I think the word ”science” means as many things as there are people who know the word (not counting scientists).
But science is really only one thing and it applies to everything you touch and do. How is that possible?
Are you sitting down in a chair. If you are you did a simple science experiment: you tested the chair to see if it would hold you, although you didn’t need to since you have done the experiment thousands of times. But...If you had just bought the chair and it was a new design and you weren’t sure how well it was made, you would sit down slowly. You would be testing the chair to see if the materials were strong enough. Now if you were a chair designer you might well put different weights on it to see if it would hold as much weight as promised, because you didn't want to waste material making it stronger than necessary. And you might even measure how much the legs bent with different weights, write that down and make a graph.
And do you know, that is just how they test AIRPLANE WINGS.
That’s a Boeing 787 wing. It must pass a test of one and one half (150%) of the greatest stress it would every experience. You can see it happening at BOEING 787 WING TEST.
Why am I going to this trouble. Because surveys show that about half of the population has doubts about science and that goes for climate change too. Yet if you knew REAL scientists (which you generally find in universities) you would know they are the toughest people on this planet about being sure what they say is true. They love to prove each other wrong. Ah Ha. Gotcha. Until everyone on a project is sure it is right. So they test, and retest, and have other scientists check a theory on different equipment and they drive each other nuts. But what they say they are sure about.
Mostly. In climate science they have met their match and what happens, they UNDER estimate how bad it is. Why? It is so damn complicated, there are not enough sensors around the planet to tell them what is going on, and things happen almost always to make things worse. And part of it is being afraid that if they ever give a higher answer for the temperature, the doubters will string them up by their toes. So they are cautious because we tend to doubt them and that has caused big problems because it leads to less support from politicians and that is part of what has gotten us into such bad shape. How bad? Go back to the MIT symposia.
Boeing Completes Ultimate-Load Wing Test on 787<br />

Hard Science

The mathamatics of foretelling the future

This is a step others would say to leaave out. But there is something very beautiful when you get down to what are called the “hard sciences” which first of all means physics. So a few words. Four equations, and you know all about electricity and magnetism. And, the most important part of hard sciences, you can predict the future. And if you do that you have learned something invaluable. So stay with me. First we jump ahead to what the great scientist Clerk Maxwell came up with in 1814, which are now called, appropriately Maxwell’s Equations. (Student electrical engineers wear T shirts with these equations printed on them.)
Why? I really, really, want you to see Science witha capital S. What does this mean? I am only going to exxplain the first equaltion. We are looking at “Integral Calculus.” The symbols, like the big S are "operators," or instructions what to do with the data. Like long division only more powerful. E is the electric field which creates force on an electron. A is the area of a volume around a bunch of charge q. The bit S says to add up all of the electric field around the volume and it will give you the amount of change in the volume. The big B, is the same thing for a magnetic field but it always comes out zero because every north pole magnet has a south pole magnet so they always add up to zero. The other two equations tell what happens when we change something. Now the little beautiful miracle.
When you solve these equations what pops out is one equation which is the wave equation of light and it tells you all about how the equation works. That is like fortelling the future. It happsn in all of science once you are able to write the equations. Then you can test the four equations by seeing if their prediction are right. Without them: no TV signals, no internet, no lenses and mirrors. Or at least none that work very well. And that is just a fraction. (More later.)
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