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The Earth is Dying


Any clue what that scary thing is to the left. Well, its fortune telling.

You tell me what happened the last 100 years and I will tell you a best guess of what will happen the next hundred. Unless somebody makes some big changes. We are out of time because the temperature curve is going to go straight up. So there are two more steps here. 1. A few pictures from the past and the worst of the present which will give you a good look at the future. 2. Who is responsible (some surprises).

Maybe I should have done Life first, cus eveything is depending on that. What's happened so far and by whom. The worst sons-a-bitches. Here is the soop:

60 years ago Edward Teller lectures the oil barons and gives them the score and besides they already figured it out. CO2 brings heat. What do they do. Bury the data and push the oil and gas like crazy. And this bugs me to the core: how can smart guys (Rex Tellerson was one) sell humanity down the river. 60 years ago doing something was a piece of cake. Now doing something may be as effective as baking a cake unless we get awfully serious. Any volunteers?

There is much worse already, but this is a small sense of what has happened so far.

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