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The Second Creation

WE HAVE BEEN CREATED with the stunning gifts of consciousness and sentience (the ability to experience something), gifts that science, despite its amazing accomplishments, cannot yet explain.

And perhaps it is even more important that we have yet to recognize the purpose of our own creation: the opportunity to experience love, creativity and joy, the greatest gift of all.

For this reason it is sad beyond measure that we do not appreciate what we have been given and are putting it all at risk. We are acting like our war-like ancestors rather than the special creative beings that we are.

IT SEEMS TO ME THAT THE MORE we understand how special our own creation is, the more we might tune in to what was created to support us.

Below it the second time-line, a history of our evolution and another miracle that we have been given minds to discover and understand this amazing creation.

I OFTEN SIT AND WONDER WHY I AM HERE I OFTEN SIT AND WONDER WHY I AM HERE, why the singularity happened and how, with just two very small pictures on the retinas of my eyes my brain constructs the reality around me and then causes me to experience that reality.

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EACH PAGE IN THIS WEB SITE could be a library of books. I have chosen to include small samples of large swaths of science for the simple reason that wonder and astonishment should be important parts of our lives and there is little that can compete with the creation of the Earth and of human beings. However, in this case it only works if you contemplate the illustrations a bit, or better still just go to the web and find "formation of the Earth." If you are not astonished out of your shoes, you are not paying attention.

And if you are not paying attention then what will happen is exactly what is happening. The Earth has been decimated by mining, oil drilling, forest cutting, strip mining, fracking and so forth. Not to mention roads, buildings, and houses by the billions. And it has taken its toll.

EVERY BIT OF DEVELOPMENT uses carbon based fuels for heat, light, and energy, in many different ways so that as of 2012, 2.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) were added to the air every second. Total global carbon (C) emissions from fossil fuel use were 9.8 billion tonnes in 2014. It is hard to believe that this much carbon would not have a major effect on the Earth. It does and it has reached a critical level. The following part of this website is the story of the consequences of all that carbon.

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