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SO IT IS PROBABLY SAFE TO SAY WE ARE A BIT SPECIAL. How special it is a bit hard to say. There have been thousands of planets detected and there are about 1022 stars so it is easy to make an argument that there are millions of inhabited planets. But without knowing all the requirements for supporting higher forms of life I think it's anybody's guess. Additionally (and it may not matter) the SETTI project (search for extra terrestial intelligene) after decades of listening has detected nothing. Which could also mean if civilizations form they do not last very long.

The whole point of this page is that it is inceivable to me that 30 years have elapsed since Jim Hansen spoke to Congress and it is hard to imagine a group more negligent of the Earth. Conservaties even argue about the importance of science and Donald Trump thinks its all a hoax and no one really pays attention. And the now former head of the EPA was as corrupt as can be and essentially a stooge of the coal industry. And, the members of the Republician science committee do not believe in science.

Then religion enters into the fray. Some think one way while others think another way. Neither seem to know much science. And one issue that perplexes me it that the reality of birth of the universe is extraordinariy grand to any written in any scripture, that, if you believe it god you are not given him/her deserved credit. More about this later.

The point, if I have not yet made it, is that it is incomprehensible that we have reached an emegency stage in careing for the earth.

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