A war on the climate comparable to World War II.

Fundamental obstacles:

1. The lure of large amounts of money from sale of carban based fuels (oil and gas) leads to contined marketing of fossel fuels along with desinformation about climate change.

2. A fundamental human fault is believing whatever satisfies emotional needs. Where a great deal of money is involved, it becomes easy to believe climate change is not real.

3. The complexity of the climate is that the weather can be nearly anything. Heat, cold, flood, drought storms appear unpredictably. Ice is melting fasterr than expected world wide. THE BIG THAW

4. India has an enormous water problem as does Iran and other parts of the middle-east.

5. To a scientist keeping track, these weather anomolies add up to a climate that has changed dramatically in the last hundred years and is changing more and more rapidly. This acceleration of the increase of the earth's temperature is the dominent problem.

6. In the extrapolation of temperature data the implication is that temperature is increasing to the point that it will be (or is) out of control. Heat melts tundra which releats methane, a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide and thuscreating a positive feedback loop.

7. Even if we reduce emissions to zero the climate will continue to warm and perhap 100 or more years in the future the ice at the poles will have melted entirely and the sea level will have risen over 100'.

8. A detailed prediction is not possible because of the many variables but the end result will be the same.

9. The only solution would be a world wide emergency to reduce emissions as rapidly as possible including widespread use of negative emissions.

10.This "air scrubbing" would be extremely expensive and becomes a moral issue. Do we wish to save the earth as a reasonable place to live for billions of people, or do we let the population die until only perhaps a few million or less are left living near the north or south poles.

11. This is by far the most consequential decision in the history of humanity.

12. Finally there needs to be a revolution of media coverage and citizen education. At present, surveys of opinions on the climate are nothing but a repeating back of what is in the news, which is very little unless you listen to Fox. Then it is all false.

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