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Sorting Solutions

Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen, Nobody Knows Our Sorrows

Everything thus far is preamble. Now the problems. This seems a bit ridiculous for a loan unpaid engineer, but I've been instructed by two fabulous fathers that it can be done.

My first thought it that one of the problems (the media) may be a solution. It will require persusaion, creativity and funding. But that is the way I delt with problems at Bose. When Dr. Bose charged me with introducing the Acoustic Wave Music System (while I was working half time) simply said "I want you to get the best set of reviews any audio product has ever received." I thought about 10 seconds and said O.K.

Fools, fooling, fouls, and scores. Plus a little bit of luck. 1. It is essential to get the top media on board. 2. It is essential to get several of the top scientists on board. 3. Funding should not be an issue (not unlimited, but sufficient for whatever needs to be done.) 4. Absolutely top rank creative talent. 5. A plan.

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