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To all who are friends of the Earth,
I would like to welcome you to our twentith monthly gathering...

And for those who are new to our seminars, I welcome you
and hope you continue to come, but most of all that you participate.

There is more at stake than any of us truly realizes. In the 18 months since I began this project we have so many new deeelopments that think it hopeless to keep up. However, since this is the first time I have had an opportunity I would liek to bring you up to date (and that is about an hour and a half to goa) to catch up.kkgvbvto address all of you together, I would like to share the ideas that keep running through my head and when a little bit of quite time, I try to write them down and to write about them. I will go througbh them as quickly as possible and suggest you deliver quetions by email to "john@theearthis toast.com. So let's pktio "

There is no reason for you to listen to me about climate change except three MIT engineering degrees and an overwhelming feeing that no one else "get's it." There is more at stake here than at any other time since homo sapiens became a separate species. And a lifetime of thinking (70 years discounting the first 7).

I have been trying since January of 2018 to make a website that help make people get it and maybe if I could get a few thousand of the right people to read all 30 pages of it, I might get somewhere. But I have decided to try a more direct approach.

Perhaps the comments on the home page might make a good start.

"When I was born it was not into a void, but into a second womb by some miracle just the place my body and soul needed to thrive. Breeze and bright green leaves. Grass and roses and a cherry tree and later an orchard of apple trees. And a garden so large we needed to hire a farm tractor. So apples, and pears and rhubarb and applesauce went into a room just for keeping preserves.

I walked a mile to school down a country road with streams when it rained and sledding when it snowed.

We were surrouneded by 40 foot high spruce trees and trembled when the hurricanes came and even tied ropes to one that we moved when the wind shifted. The home and its acres were joined more than usual for the foundation was stone. And evergreens touched virtually every shingle and 30 foot oaks and maples gave shade and beauty. Summers to a ninety and winter to minus twenty and my sister's marriage on the lawn in the rose garden in back.

~ ~ ~ ~

But the climate is still being destroyed for profit. Can you imagine killing the very earth we live on. If your are not frightened, read the entire web site.
It gives a shock to my soul when oil is burned with full knowledge of the cost to the earth.
Those who profit lie through their teeth for they have known for sixty years they were committing a crime and they continue to this day.

It has seemed to me that the day Edward Teller clearly warned of the potential effect on the earth that we would have mobilized to stop it. We did not and with greater carnage year after year we should have commited every resource to stop the warming but we did nothing and chaos and stupedity rein among politicians and scientists alike.
It is simply unblieveable. And there is a pretty good chance it is too late.

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