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The Cause?

The Incredible Amounts of Money Made by Oil Companies
While Knowing They Were Adding Carbon to the Air

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Revenue of the top 10 oil companies as of September 2019

Rank Company Revenue (Billions of US Dollars) Country of Origin

1. Saudi Aramco 465.49 Saudi Arabia

2. Sinopec Group 448 China

3 China National Petroleum Corporation 428.62 China

4 Exxon Mobil 268.9 United States

5 Royal Dutch Shell 265 The Netherlands/United Kingdom

6 Kuwait Petroleum Corporation 251.94 Kuwait

7 BP 222.8 United Kingdom

8 Total SA 212 France

9 Lukoil 144.17 Russia

10 Eni 131.82 Italy

8. Sacrificing The Earth For Profit

Some things are understandably inexplicable, for example the exact time when the big bang went off and created the universe. However, the acquisition of wealth beyond a certain point I believe is immoral. Let’s start with five billion dollars net worth. If it were reduced to four billion it is not likely to affect the possessor’s lifestyle. However, a fair number of lives of children might be spared with proper medical care should that money be available.

There are no rules of justice and fairness in our economic system except those we impose ourselves, in our laws, constitution, and courts.

The ideology of low taxes and small government clearly benefits the wealthy but also has no measure for justice, fairness or logic.

The impact on the earth has been profound: permanently rising seas, melting of ice at the poles, fires and floods and given the attitudes of governments, the shrugging it off by individuals who do not understand or care.

However, one of the most important problems has been the media’s failing to give give enough attention to the news and the science, complicated by the amorphous nature of the subject and the hesitance and/or inabillity to communiate the risks to future of the planet. My engineering and marketing experience at Bose Corporation is similar, although obviously on a microscopic scale. Nevertheless, changing the minds of customers required superbly created and presented “infomercials” without which comprehension of relatively simple technologies was impossible. Presentations were made, in an intimate environment to 15 people at one time. The cost of a prodution was on the order of $200,000 and required a writer/producer with technical knowledge (two years at MIT) and exquisite senitivity in translating science into concepts anyone could comprehend. My opinion is that something comparable is essential for government leaders and opinion makers and eventually for the public. I did see the original Al Gore presentation and my reaction was had that been done for me at Bose I would have fired the producer on the spot. Wmkne were very fortunate to have the necessary personnel and resourcess.

Loosing Time

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