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An Overhall

Before the End. After the Beginning.

We have come to a time, in early August, 2019 that our civilization is in serious need of an upgrade.

The treatment of people by "civilization" and by people of the planet have put both in mortal and moral danger. This does not necessarily mean physical death to everyone or a complete extinction of all societies on the planet, but it might as well be that and it could be that.

It seems clear, to within the limits of my thinking, that we have gone as far as we can go with the leadership, educational, philosophical, religious and psychological systems of thought that we have. Although there are substantial areas or pockets of advanced life on the planet, as a whole, between harm to the planet and its climate, the extreme discrimination of people who are not white, the development of needless weapons of mass destruction, the horrendous treatment of immegrintsw that we have put ourselves close to breaking point in our politics, caring for the earth, and tolerating extreme behavior by gun owners and other conservaties.

We have, and I can speak for myself, at minimum created calamities and an atmosphere of fear and an environment where enormous numbers of people live under intolerable conditions. Yet this is all happening among people of the same species, virtually identical genetics, common ancestry and brains working at a fraction of there capactiy, but most of all working with a fraction of the knowledge civilization has uncovered but has not found a way of communicating to everyone. In this knowedge fragmentation groups of people I call tribilites form tribes based on imagined realities that cause infinite suffering.

The central cause of this is President Donald Trump. There are many books written about his short comings, but a summary might be: lack of intellect, compassion, and humanity and mainly satisfied by strokes to his ego. If he wins a second tem, we might as well auction of the country.

The most amazing part of his presidency is the manner in which he convinces his followers by condeming the deep conspirsiracy of washingin by manking it worse, making promises that disappear in a few days, but have the gall to cheer on the destruction of American Democracy.

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Spring Sunrise, Millbury, Massachusetts, May 1992

We need a fresh start.

It will take much and many efforts, rethinking of everything we have believed, and a supreme effect to just think and discuss. If violence takes place it will end the opportunity, and I believe this is our last chance.

At this point various groups have knowledge that is useful and even critical. However, the choice of god to believe in is a personal one and is not under any circumstances to be imposed, required or even preferred. Every god of which I am aware has something important to teach, and every god has ideas we have imparted that are contrary to the wisdom of the creation.

This approach will raise infinite discomfort and disagreement, whereas it requires infinite calm, cooperation and respect. Anything less is an impediment to learning the essence of the creation.

I am just one person, not an organization and will be considered ridiculously impertinent and arrogant even to make such suggestions. However, no one else is making them as well as I can tell. There have been many triggers that have set off thinking for me but the one that sticks in my mind most is the splendor of true knowledge the scientists of the world have discovered by using their minds, the greatest gift of the creation and an awareness that the essense of this science, including what is known about the creation of the universe is a virtual secret as far as the people of this planet are concerned. The second is that a category I call the fine arts, which is very broard, but which is chacterized by intense commitment of our minds, often for years, to develop a skill or skills that manifest the glory of which our minds are capable and inherently incorporate connections to the creation itself and to every person. Every culture has such creations.

I have been a photographer for 46 years, a second life on top of an engineering/science education. The image, above, was made in an unexpected place, at the guardrail of an entrance ramp to an interstate highway in Massahusetts, USA. The camera was pointing into the rising sun, and I exposed film after film for 45 minutes until the mist dissapated. More than any other image I have made, I believe it embodies the essence of a promising beginning.

My collection is called The Hidden World of the Nearby.

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