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End of Part I

VI. Right or Rich

As I continue to read there seems to be no end of examples that parallel ignorance of how the world and humanity operate and the temptation not to acknowledge the difference. In a November 2019 CE issue of The New Yorker is the story, seemingly not connected to something of such vast proportions as the climate, of the attitudes brought to the design of Boeing aircraft.

Until the 1990s Boeing was an engineering centered company with oversite by the FAA, a wise arrangement in many ways. Then new management shifted priority from quality to profit and this led directly to the failure of the 737 Max.

The system was now broken. Profits took priority resulting in two crashes and the airplane still grounded a year later. Conservative governments married ideologies such as small government and low taxes, blind to the nature of such ideologies as having no measure of justice or quality. Simultaneously, other similar profit temtations seeped into the government. Regulations were removed. Harvard business school hired a dean whose goal was to maximize the earnings of graduates. Wall street executives competed on quarterly bonuses not connected to long term success.

There are countless stories of rape of the land, ill concieved decisions, strip mining, fracking, oil spills that were blind to everything but, as it was explained to me, “shareholder value.” A wise rule applying to most endeavors is to have quality as a first priority. Now we would say as important is to live in harmony with the enivornoment.


After two years working on this site, it is time for other things.

There is still much to be done. There are dozens of pages to read if you click on LINKS, but not all are connected.

Many subjects are covered from the creation of the universe to.... well too many to count. Read them if you like. They are in various stages of completeness and cover a wide range of thinking and learning. You are free to send me comments, but any name calling will not receive a response or even a reading. I have done the best that I can with many 12 hour (or longer) days, sleepless nights and unbounded incredulessness at what we have wrought.

I will continue to spell check and correct mistakes and fix links, but on a more relaxed schedule so I am not falling asleep as I work.

Today, November 23, 2019 CE was particularly difficult as I had realized last night that the harm we have done to the earth is great, will affect many lives, is not reversable, and we will add to it. The fact of permanentlhy harming an important part of the universe, once it sinks in, is a life changer. How could we? How could it take so long to sink in.

Then as I read in the New Yorker of the Boeing fiasco I marveled at the inability of humanity to learn.

Our educations do not teach us to become aware of what we do not know, of how we make decisions, of having an open mind, of being willing to invest effort to understand that which is good.

I have spent a lifetime in engineering and in the visual and musical arts. I slowly learned each, and now can be sent to heaven by a Mozart string quartet. I was lucky. I stuck with it because although I did not understand it, something told me it was good. The same with the visual arts (you can find my work at LIGHTSONG® FINE ART.

How lucky I have been. Except now I also understand, because one of my jobs at Bose Corporpation was quality control. And I understand the dynamics of Boeing and engineers vs. business schools. "Follow the plan" into a pit of mashed people 40 feet into the earth. In my third year at Bose, a tiny company at the time, I was allowed to shut down production just before the Christmas season because of a potential failure in our speakers in humid environments. 23,000 "drivers" were rejected. A month later we resumed production with speakers from a different manufacturer. Dr. Bose did not put profit first, and we all profited from his attitude. He was my mentor and friend for nearly 50 years. It was the luckiest day of my life when I knocked on his door and joined his research group at MIT.

I apologize for the many repetitions.

Fracking and Tearing of the Earth, Alex McLain, LandSlides.

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