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Wonderful and Troublesome for the Climate

I am not an thiets, nor an agnostic nor anti-religion nor do I belong to any particular religion.

I grew up in the Polish National Church, became an evangelical at Park Street Church in Boston (one of the most imporant churches to Evangelism) and after 10 years or so found it wasn't working for me and went looking around where I was living at the time, and couldn't find any church whose pastor could preach a good sermon. So I am partly on my own. Part scientist, part spiritual learned most from Christianity and very aware of what science doesn't know and what doesn't make sense for me in different religions. My general assessment is that people believe what they want to believe and I want to believe what I think is real.

This is a picture of the cosmic background radition (whiich I will explain which took a N AWA SATELLITE NINE YEARS TO MAKE ORBITIN THE SON AND RTRQING OUT INT) So I begin with science and science is not a "thing" or something scientists make up. Science is what really is. That is simply true and that our scientific brains, given us by god if you believe god created the world. So I am going to have to explain this in more detail.

There are many questions science cannot answer. It can answer how the creation happend in great detail. But it gives and cannot give and clue as to why it happened. But it does give something extraordinarly important: a way for many important things to find out what really happened and to confirm they are true. And what it reveals, to the absolute limits of certainity there can be, is a universie so amazing, a creation so spectacular, a human brain that boggles the mind and there is in the Christian bible, at least. Not a hint of these. So where do we begin? How about a picture of the universe.

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