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This is not happening

Is it?

About 15 years ago I stumbled onto something on the web about climate change. My first thought was "we're screwed." My somewhat extreme reaction was the result of the mention of positive feedback from melting the tundra and releasing methane. Methane is more powerful than carbon dioxide and would stimulate and speed up raising the temperature of the earth. Something we used to call in early transistor days, thermal runaway. It always resulted in destroying something. My second reaction was two years of depression. My third was to read more about the climate which I have been doing for the past 15 years.

Next was a feeling I get from time to time "got to do something." But what? I had just finished my photo website so it seemed reasonable to do a website.

I had already begun one in a fury about gun control (my nieces husband was a first responder at Sandy Hook) and about the general principle of RECIPROCITY. Hence, inanothersshoes.com. Then I felt the urgency of the climate and the address became theearthistoast.com.

One year and 7 months work on the climate website and the words that run through my mind with greater certainty every day: "we're screwed." Except it is now the perfect storm of being screwed. The president, the likelihood of the tundra melting further, and big oil, 60 years after finding out the truth, still pushing as hard as they can. This is where I stop breathing, when I can sleep I screen in my sleep. I am neglecting my photography, don't talk to anyone because they don't understand me and so I don't want to talk to them. Calamity. What the hell is going on?

I finally wrote the following and thought yes, this is closer.

"When I was born it was not into a void, but into a second womb by some miracle just the place my body and soul needed to thrive. Breeze and bright green leaves. Grass and roses and a cherry tree and later an orchard of apple trees. And a garden so large we needed to hire a farm tractor. So apples and pears and rhubarb and applesauce went into a room just for keeping preserves.

I walked a mile to school down a country road with streams when it rained and sledding when it snowed.

We were surrouneded by 40 foot spruce trees and trembled when the hurricanes came and even tied ropes to one that we moved when the wind shifted. The home and its acres were joined more than usual for the foundation was stone. And evergreens touched virtually every shingle and 30 foot oaks and maples gave shade and beauty. Summers to ninety and winter to minus twenty and my sister's marriage on the lawn in the rose garden in back.

I am wondering did I get it? Get what?

Since I was a kid during the cold war I have been expecting the future would be better, that we would have figured it out. We moved to the big house with two acres of landscaping. My mother was the gardener, the preserver, the Polish hostess, the putter upper with my father who expected me to break the law of conservation of energy.

Something about me loved the outdoors and I guess, the earth too becaue I started reading cosmology. George Gamov and the steady state universe, but that didn't feel right so I would have to wait for new science. But there were galaxies, exploiding stars, dwarfs and our sun and eight other planets. Understand? No. Love? Yes. Love what? The whole thing. Professor Smily from Brown University gave a great lecture on astronomy while I was still a kid. Loved it but all I remember was him saying there was someone he couldn't trust as far as he could throw a "good sized cow."

Major at MIT was EE. First elective was astronomy. Then nothing much. Bailed out without doing a dissertation so no PhD but my faculty advisor was Professor Bose who had a company with 4 employees and I became number 5. Dr. Bose was trying to pay the bills with military work so he handed me a NASA contract the day I arrived and put me in charge of speaker engineering which at that time was mostly quality control.

I don't think the assigment affected me so much as finding out how I reacted to it. It wasn't too long before I decided (myself, no boss to speak of) to run humidity tests on the little speakers, 18 of which powered a pair of the 901s that was the new flagship. I refused to accept 23,000 of them since humidity caused all kinds of crud to form inside the workings. I found myself mulling a lot: what could go wrong sometime down the road. Are the 901s rugged? Plug them into an 120 voltt AC outlet. 1800 watts. No problem.

After seven years I was to take over marketing and advertising and bought a 4x5 view camera.

Why did I buy a view camera? Like so many things I don't really know. I'd photographed casually since I was 8 or so. But mostly it was a few photographs I saw, a very few of them. The most important was Redbud and Tulip Popular Eliot Porter'signature piece from Intimate Landscapes at the Metropolitan Musieum in New York.

I had already done a many other things. I could play fairly difficult Chopin reasonably well. I heard hundreds of BSO concerts and when I was a kid my father would take me to Rhode Island Philharmonic Conerts. He was a good violinist so he taught me real Polish polkas and obereks and I can still remember them because we played them for all our Polish friends (and all our friends were Polish).

The BSO at Tanglewood was unmatched. While at MIT I made (what I think are) the first multi-track recordings of the orchestra. and after that became very close friends with the Eisenbergs, close friends of Dr. Bose. They lived within earshot of Tanglewood and I spent dozens of weekends there (on a Bose expense account). And I discovered Mahler. There are no words to describe his symphonies and it was just luck that I listened enough to "get it."

And so I met Susan a graduate of Westminster Chior College who had sung under Stokowski and Bernstein in the chorus. And we had joined the same dating service and she called me and we went throught the roster of composers until "and then there's Mahler." Dinner and so far 29 years of marriage and Greg, adopted in Sochi when he was four. And so it dawns on me what the climate is, it's the universe block-head. There is absolutely nothing anyone can do without the climate.

It is a womb that you continue to grow in. So what's the problem with all this. Why have we fucked it so badly when it is everything, and the only one we will have and thrive on.

So what's the problem. Almost all of us do not do enough different things, think enough in different ways so we recognize that the earth and its climate is our second womb. If you have science but not art or art and not science you won't recognize it. But to actually feel its life you must live and think and feel in every dimension you can and everything you can and if you hit the right combo, you will get it. And never could you be told by Edward Teller that CO2 will wreck the earth would you push oil and lie about CO2, because Webster and Oxford have looked for years and can't find the words to describe your crime.

Somehow being a musician, engineer, photographer of the landscape remembering from my childhood, that the most important thing was to think and understand in every way our amazing brains can. And we leave the tribal wombs and join the human species. And read enough to know that color is how far north our ancesters migrated because we are all Africians.

And there is more, always more. We must leave the tribal wombs of religion because they block out the stunning brains the creation (or god) gave us.

Yet there is still reciprocity that we live for each other. (Google it.)

One more thing. Is their a simple way, perhaps one word, to sum it up. I think that word is sentience. It is what is happening to you this minute from the two little upside down images on your retina. That, and your brain (and your two ear drums) give you all the experience, sentience of life. I think that is why the big bang went off. Prove it? No, live it.

Rebellion not Impeachment

The Mortal Situation 1

The situation in which the people of the United States of America, it is potential for harm is more dangerous, immoral and in spirit illegal.

Tne harm that could beset the people of the United States of America, their allies and people coming from other nations to seek asylum is so egrigous as to be immoral either in the spirit of the US constitution, or in the letter of the contitution. Harm has been done in more waays that I can list here, and now the Sumpreme Court is going to decided the rights of LGBTQ persons by a court that was immorally manipulated by virtually stealing an apointmenmt from a preiouv administration. J<>These actions and hundreds more to not begin to address the perial in which the administration of President Trump has placed our Planet where all sensible and carefully crafted measures cannot be implement because of his policies and those of his associates in government and business when time stands between reasonable success and calamity. From discussion of the most capable scientific minds, the question is not whether the Planet Earth becomes virtually uninhabitable is only a matter of time.

To put the democrach of the United States of Americal in mortal peril is beyond the pale. To express the actions or lack of them of the administtratopm for the Planet Earth does not leave words for which are most comprehensive dictionary can assist.

Concequently we find our selves in a position both politically and physically such as to bring to mind the causes that separated America from the Britism Empire, except that in total the present situation is far worse. (Please refer to other portions of this site for more information.

Consequently it is imperitive that the leaders of the Democratic Party declare the election of 2017 null-and-void and that a separate and duly electiced and legimitage goverment of the United States of America. This goverment will form the necessary defense forces by volunteering and by encourament in the intrerests of the people.

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