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Rating The Donald Against Real Human Beings

Should We or Shouldn't We?

It's not fair but I can't figure out who it's not fair to.

Some time ago I read that DD had suggested our aircraft carriers should run on steam? And that abandoning aircraft catapault launches that used steam for linear electric motors was a mistake.

My question is why dosen't he drive a Stanley Steamer?

This is a serious question. Scientific American did a story about his SciQue. Dealing with enemy armament capabity is one of the most serious issues a president has to deal with and as far as I can tell his SQ is less than zero, because everything he knows is wrong.

Next question: why won't he release any of his academic transcripts.

Why do evangelicals go crazy over him. God is supposed to forgive his every sin. What exactly he bring to the party. Anti-abortion I can understand, but these rallies?

Enough for tonight, but he utterly baffles me and definitely terrifies me.

If this planet goes down due to climate change, he will get credit in the history books. If there are any history books.

Let's instead look at a slide show of the global warming the President makes fun of

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