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Life Depends on Thinking Clearly and Honestly.

I AM BLOWN AWAY TIME AND AGAIN by the willingness of people at every level of life, in every level of society, at every level of education to not be aware of what truth means and to not be willing to work at knowing what it is. Let me start with a few observations.

1. We live in an insanely complex world. Technology and population growth make it complex. Greed, laziness, incompetence, ignorance make it crazy (for want of a better word).

2. People with PhDs, ScDs, MDs, religious leaders, presidents, etc. virtually all fail at knowing the truth.

3. Scientists know virtually nothing of the fine arts, the psychological side of life and they don't know it and neither do their teachers (mostly).

4. Historians, literature majors, etc. know nothing of the scientific side of life and they don't know it and neither do their teachers.

There are exceptions. Math and music often go together. Years ago when I attended Boston Symphony concerts regularly the first chair viola was a chemist drafted (or for some reason auditioned) with the BSO. And, at least in those days the BSO was one of the big five orchestras. World class for sure.

5. Religious leaders don't know anything but religion and most of that is fable. Find me an evangelical who knows what "god's creation" has learned about the big bang, the real creation, at least within the known boundaries.

6. Your profession is a knowledge barrier, and a social corral. You get to be smart and to associate with people who think you are smart, and to present papers and write books, and there are not but a handful of people who can tell you what your LL (life learning) score is. And beyond that you may or may not be one of the rare few that knows Einstein, but wants to know and understand Shakespere and Bach.

The human brain has an insane range of capabilities but we are married to an ancient set of partitions.

It is changing. So called "interdisipinary" studies are more and more common. Sometimes they are welcome, sometimes not.

Climate change for a 3 time MITer is a big surprise figuring it out and I can count on one hand the number of friends who both are interested and want to understand it. And I think religious friends consider it a sin to read a physics book, because they consider it antigod, where all it is is anti their own social pack.

Members of Congress who head science committees don't believe in it. Science is NOT a religion. It was not written by the devil. It is a product of a joyous pursuit of understanding what is and what is the creation. This is why I think this earth is likely to die, and the giantic mystery is why.

I think their should be required courses at every level in "kinds of knowledge and the joy of each."

Maybe it would help.

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