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Climate climate change is the most profound, confusing, and dangerous phenomina to afflilict humanity.

It is eposisodic in space and time. It often resembles normal weather but driven to an extreme. It is likely capable of making the earth uninhabitable. It reslies on humanites practices that began nearly 200 years ago, enough generations to make it seem a normal part of life. It is a scientific camelion, changing more rapidly than any research can predict. It has exceeded the power of computer models

For decades it was moderate and predictable. But it has now upset weather systems that forcasting is often impossible. It has warmed the planet so as to destablize the climate system. Yet it leaders, politicians, and much of the public dismiss it. Yet it is at an inflection point in the temperature forecasts as to leave open the possibility of run-a-way temperature increase. Fossel fuel businesses, knowning the risks, force more and more burining.

At the point where leadership is most essential the Uniteed States is saddled with a somewhat popular incompetent madman.

As a consequence, disasters more and core plague the earth and there is no centralized leadership function that could command resources and plot the best way forward.

It is a calamity unlike any other in the history of mankind. Beyond the present it is a calamity that will have its greatest effect on future generations while the present population have no concept of the sacrifices that need to be made to keep a livable earth.

There are formidable communication barriers. Few understand the science and those that do have little expreience translating technical issues that will connect emotionally to the layman, something that is essential.

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