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Looking Ahead

Virtually every article about climate ends with a prediction of a cataclysm to come and then leaves it at that, not telling us what that means.

This leaves me practically blue with rage. I have been hearing this for 15 years and the attitudes have not changed, even with the green new deal.

So what is the problem? Perhaps it is that I am an engineer, and good engineers, when looking at risk, are paranoid and that is their job. (You might remember that Boeing recently ran out of paranoia. Not good.)

We are looking at the biggest risk, by far, ever faced by our planet certainly in human history.

What is wrong?

1. Because so much is at stake, we should be taking a much more agressive approach to reducing risk.

2. The blue curve is the path to misery and eventual death. It is the path we are on.


3. The effect of warming varies with location.

We should be doing research but we don't have enough money or anyone to set it up.

4. Anchorage just had it first 90° days.

5. It is expected to be the hottest summer ever.

6. Water is a huge problem, both too much and not enough.India, Iran and most of the Middle East is nearly out of water.

7. From my perspective the biggest danger is the time we are wasting.

8. Paris set the goal as 1.5°C Even that will cause trouble and we probably won't make it.

9. I believe we will have trouble making 2.0° and so heat, drought, storms, wildfires will all become much bigger problems.

10. With Trump we are wasting time not doing research.

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