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In strategic planning, work generally begins with a "situation analysis." The idea is to put in front of yourself the group you are working with a summary of what is going one, because it is extrordinarily easy to forget one set of something while analyzing another set. So we do the situation analysis. Its topics will vary a bit depending on the particular situation. The usual first part is involves besides problems, the strengths and weaknesses of the organization (which here includes everyone of consequence on the earth).

However, as the process moves along the "objective" becomes more and more critical and in this case I think we need to dwell on the end result a bit.a

It has bothered me no end that the debaters om presidential preliminaries have not come forth with a set of goals or objects, which taken together would describe the civilization we are trying to create. The discussions seem to fall into the categories of voters and what must be a position that will get their vote. However, this group of voters may be entirely wrong in their desires and all sorts of comprimesises, waffelling, etc. may be used to get their votes. Donald Trump is a master at this in that he will say, one way or another what a particular group wants to hear, and then slowly backs off or changes his position. However, because he has said it and because he insults everyone on the liberal side of the fence, secures the votes of his "base." It is a lying, evil technique, but it works.

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