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The Worst Decision

Ever Made By A Human Being

Have you ever thought about why we are alive? Why we exist? How we got here?

Perhaps you have. Perhaps you have thought a great deal. Perhaps you have decided it is an act of God. Perhaps you just go and do what you do, which in America means to try to be propsperous.

When Dr. Fauchi was faced with the AIDS virus he might have acted as did so many. They are gay men, and a few women. They deserve it. Dr. Fauchi stoped to think. He saw though the clothing and haircuts and lifestyles and saw human beings. He put himself in the shoes of gay men with AIDS who were dying by the thousands. Today, they do not have a cure but something very close. Medicine that makes the virus disappear and so life can go on.

I have been haunted by a feeling that we live life on the cheap. that we are utterly unaware of the monuental wonder of our existence. How we came to be and what we can be are known to only a few. Mention a super novae to anyone and you will get a blank stare. Digress on the wonders of the mind and few will do anything but look bored and hope the conversation ends soon.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, lives in Trumpsville. Some people call it the White House, but there is nothing white about it. Just after inauguration it turned a shade we usuall call-offwhite. Donald still lives there but it is pretty much coal black now. He has had blazing arc lights encircling it. They are blinding in the day and in the night. Sometimes that give a glimpse of white but it is just a glipse.

Donald started with a fairly large and in part capable staff but the turnover has been very large, either fired or quite. There are a few competant medical people left to advise about the virus, but Donald is trying to get Dr. Fauchi, one of his best people fired

Down to basics. Whenever I have heard The Donald speak of something scientific it sounded like he was spakeing about a different subject than the one he was ostenably talaking about. Knowlege. Zero.

His father taught him how to wheel and deal and that is it. I believe that The Donald at some uncconsious level is terrifiedd of being found out. He has had all his records sesaled. He claimed he was first in his claas at Warton, but never made Deans List.

So getting advice os anathama.

Which brings us to the present. A terrified leader without the broad understanding a president should have We live on mountaintops overlooking splendid valleys and act as if life were in a coal mine.

Artists paint, composers compose, sculptures sculpt and we spend the time being entertained. r in my childhood, sitcomes.

When I hear that we were made in the image of god it reminds we that god is a creator. Are we? Many of my friends are, for that is what brought us together and the creations are beautiful. They usually bring out the real smiles. But if life is picking up scraps and holding down three jobs, there is no time to venture into wonderlands. Nor energy, if we had the time.

It is like an earth size hammer crashing down. The hammer is part virus and part human, non-thinking dictators that have no gratitude for the sunset. They have no idea where it came from, why they can see it, why they can see anything, why their minds can do so much that is great, but all they do is use it to destroy. that that we has been destroying the earth and our civilization now has a pox upon it.

America is a country preoccupied with prosperity. It was slaveholding from day one and written into its constitution. Harnessing a man that you own as if he were livestock has more consequences than you can count. In America it was the undertow that pulled everyone under. The values of slave holders terminated any human relationship with the slave. Our founding fathers knew this, but could find no other way to unite the colonies but to go along.

This is a tragedy of the worst kind for the owner, not understanding what he is doing, is destroying his and the slaves life. It plays to the most insistant characteristics of human nature, to have more. It permeats our politics, our relationships and destroys joy for both sides.

Just as there are two kinds of tragedies there are two kinds of human beings. Those who see what is there and those who see what they want to see. That tragedy leads to disaster and is imbeded in our culture and possibly in our genes.

We don’t see. We let ideology do it for us and that just doesn’t work. Political ideologies become cults and slice Life into little pieces.

The consequence is almost invisible, like a smile. It is the hidden world of the nearby. Nothing so small has ever implied so much, perhaps since we became human.

I. The Destruction of an America
That Never Was.

By a president who is missing.

What happens next?

America has been axed. Conservatives are a cult believing in a myth.

Ronald Regan did his best performance as a president convincing America that making the rich richer was doing good if you don’t mind scraps from the master’s table. The fact that tricle down economics was not seen as contempt for the less well off is unbelievabe. Maybe no one looked up trickle in the dictionary. A flood for the rich, a trickle for the poor.

When I was a child I drempt that every infant emerging from the womb had the same opportunities as other infants. Now, if the child’s parents are poor the child is deserving of what he gets. That is what we believe. That is what we have become. If you are rich, you deserve being richer. If you are poor, we don’t give a rat’s ass. America’s safety net is the worst there is in relation to its wealth.

Head Start, social security, child care are socialism and socialism is profanity. Equality, compassion, an attempt to put ourself in anothers shoes is a joke. The golden rule becomes the golden rod. Lying home in bed without health care while Joe and Jane Rich buy a $30,000,000 yacht is a crime against humanity, but we hardly give it a second thought.

Perhaps we have never understood what being human means. I thought it was perhaps until The Donald was elected. Now I see two streams, one with yachts and the other with body bags. The Donald ignores the virus, wants to kill the post office, social security and Obamacare because his is a one track mind. One rail to bring money, the other to fill his ego. He was raised as a dealer, and understanding any more is beyond him, and trying to understand terrifies him. He knows down deep that being beautiful or a hoax is the limit of his discrimination.

It took some time, but I eventually realized that America as a society and a civilzation has never been. Slavery has been here since 1619 and is still here. Unions have been throttled, minimum wage is zip. It is completely legal to hire you as a contractor at less that 40 hours per week and you get no benefits. And you do not have enough to hold your family together. Then, if you are black you have a book of battles to fight. Sometime it is racism sometimes it is poor education because of where you live. Have you read Black Like Me? Have you read how southern textbooks describe slavery.

I expect that few Americans have any idea why you are black rather than white. Check out the map above. All of us are descended from ancester that migrated from Africa. On the average we were a moderate shade of black. Many of us moved north where there is less sun and and slowly lost the melatonin in our skin, and got black our vitamin D. But we need to find inferiors, and darkness made for a perfect excuse.

The fact that our founding fathers left it in the constition is a dreadful compromise to bring the 13 colonies together. I cannot think of words that do justice to the expected greatness of America and the collosal sin of indentured servitude written into our founding document. The saddest part is that a horrendous civil war did not remove the stain. Reconstruction followed. And today black children still are not taught the truth of their heritage.

Despite the heroism of Abe, Franklin, Lyndon, King and thousands of others and the dream of a great society, the cult has cut and cut and cut. Socialism is now a cus word. From the cult that supports “family values,” being homeless or a single parent with three jobs is just fine.

Donald Trump and Sam Brownback and Mitch McConnell want to finish the job. Slaves on one side of the tracks: McDonalds, Walmart, Amazon, a minimum, minimum wage. Take from the small pile, put it on the giant one. We are not just bad, we are the worst of developed countries.

This is the hoax (you have heard that word used a bit recently) of exceptionalism.

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