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WE ARE ABOUT TO LOOSE A PLACE to put our homes and most of us either don't understand it, or don't want to know about it.

By home I mean the ground we stand on and build on. Because, although many people knew better, we have had it on slow cook for some time, and I think it is done. Or very close to it.

Climate change needs air. Otherwise there would be no climate. And we need climate (and air) for a lot of reasons. Breathing for one. Keeping us at a temperature above freezing and below boiling. Making rain (and snow, and sleet and hail) and storms of every kind possible. Holding airplanes up. And providing O2 to make fires and burning of most kinds possible.

So where did the air come from? Well that is a much longer story, but if you follow the table of contents it will tell you.

So what's the problem?

WE WERE HANDED AN EARTH'S WORTH OF AIR with the right combo of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and so forth. And that took care of us very nicely for a couple of million years, even after we started using fire to cook. But then James Watt (same watt that is marked on your light bulbs) came along and invented a steam engine that could do a great deal or work (like pull a heavy train) and it changed our lives. It also changed the Earth's atmosphere, or at least started to.

And for a fair number of years that was fine. But burning anything like wood, coal, or oil or natural gas has a side effect: it adds extra carbon dioxide to the air and that, in turn has a side effect in that it traps the heat of the sun.

AND THEN WE GET INTO SOMETHING A LOT MORE SERIOUS because these side effects have gotten big enough that we might not be able to live here anymore. In other words, we are in danger of loosing the home under our feet because of the side effects of the extra heat.

So you don't believe me. Don't blame you, but it is true, happening fast and making a very ugly mess. Dwell on this slide show for a couple of mintues and then I will pick up the story again.

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