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EVERYTHING IN THIS UNIVERSE began in the same instant of time 13.82 billion years ago. The Earth was born later and is about 5 billion years old. It is where life began and eventually led to us, homo sapiens.

We have now, by our negligance put this incredably body on the edge of enormous damage, and possibly no longer being able to support life. Mostly we are just going about our business, studying little science and ignoring the scientists who do warn us. Perhaps the most profoundly dismaying is the CEOs of big oil companies who know the whole story of what burning oil and coal are going to do to us and do the usual coverup. It is the saddest story in all of human history.

DESPITE ALL THE WRITINGS from all the religions and all the scientists, we do not know why we are here. We do not know what made the big bang happen or what there was before or even if there was a "before."

COMPARED TO WHEN HUMANS first arrived on planet Earth, about two million years ago, we know a great deal about where we came from. But we know very little compared to what there is to know.

And that is a kind of conundrum, for it leaves us hanging, not really knowing who we are (although many think we do) but it sheds a little light on why we have done so much damage here, I think simply becausse we acquired the means to do dasmage, before we knew deeply who we are or where we are.

SPEAKING IN ROUND NUMBEFRS there are about 1022 stasrs and we have one of them to give us light and keep us warm.

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