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In a world of stunning wonder a few dozen years ago
a man held shares of fire his soul could not let go.

He could not see or hear the grace he had been freely given
of having eyes that could see and ears that could hear that he was living in heaven.

But a man that lived on fire never knew that there was wonder,
that his real need many times over was lightening that made him see
and so that he could hear, rolls and rolls of thunder.

He let his soul forget that the holders of the shares
that had they together learned all that he did not,
would have joyously found a way to let all the fires go out.


1. Science, the discoverer of verfiable truth.

2. Religion, where no matter what the holy book says, the reader decides what is true.

3. Politics, where the politician decides what to speak no matter what the reality.

4. Life, where no one seems to ask what it should be.

One thing life has taught me is that joy is something learned and earned
and I never hear this mentioned in any of the fields of learning.

I can concieve that a million dollar boat under my feet could give me great fun,
but had I designed and built it, there would be joy which occupies a different galaxy.

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