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that we should be willing to commit to saving our planet and the lives of seven billion people and the lives of our children and our children's children and the beauty and safety of our planet.

We are down to the last 0.4°C. We have already suffered enormous destruction, death, fire, death from heat, unbelevable flooding from 1.1°C.


The future lives in every respect of all people on this planet are our responsibility. And that responsibility starts now.
It doesn't matter how expensive negative emissions or anything else is. We have devastated this miracle of a planet and it is our job to do EVERYTHING possible to save it and to minimize the suffering of the people alive now.

It is nonsense that we can't afford it. We have trillions of dollars of the wealthy available from multiple tax cuts. It was morally wrong for President Trump to cut taxes for the wealthy and to let others suffer. It is about time humanity become a unanimously moral humanity. It is why this website has the domain "inanothersshoes.com."

The scientists say they don't know what will happen in the next .4 or 1 or 2 or 5 degrees. It doesn't matter.There is alreay enough carbon dioxide in the air to keep warming the planet indefinitely far into the future. Sooner or later more devastation will hit and we ARE RESPONSIBLE for starting today to do everything we possibly can to prevent it.

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