One More Thing - John Wawrzonek

One more thing.

Life consists of so many things that our senses bring to us.
But it doesn’t stop there.

What we so with our sentience depends a great deal on what our tribes have taught us. And what they have taught us is the progress civilization has made, and there is a phenomenal idea that goes along with sentience, well two ideas: intelligence: the ability to step back and take apart and understand what is happing in our minds; and finally reciprocity.
Reciprocity is the foundation of civilization. It is sometimes called by its common name: The Golden Rule. Read more about it HERE.
(There is another set of thoughts that we do or can happen to us. It is painful to talk about: it is the opposite of reciprocity, it is jumping to a conclusion about without knowledge because it fills a void with a feeling of power; it feeds our anger and hatred and I call it the BLACK RULE. Racism is one of the worst examples: it is creating a false form of truth by making decisions without knowing the subject or the person. Perhpas I will write more about it at another time. Avoid it at all costs.)
It is based on the fact that we know that all humans are more or less alike except for the environment in which they were raised, the education they received and the teaching of their social structure. The saddest of all of these is our own president. The greatest of all are mothers, fathers, and family, and teachers and friends that tune in to each other. I call it putting yourself in another persons shoes. In a way it is risky because at its best it brings out the best in each person and sometimes that is upsetting, and sometimes it is just plain wonderful. For me it is breakfast with my wife or playing Chopin on the piano, because he speaks to me through his music. Below I have put a couple of examples of the music Susan and I like most. I expect most who read this will not consider it so great, but there is a lesson in that. Sentience grows over time as we get older, but it grows in directions we choose and it is the “family of humanity” that guides us. It is hugely complex.
When I was growing up my parent had me learn classical piano and that set the course of my life. I loved it and worked hard to hear the soul of the composers. As did my wife, Susan.
I in no way suggest you have to do this, but I hope you can tune in to the pictures of Amelia, our granddaughter. That is humanity at its best. She is growing and becoming herself and it is beaautiful. But if we started with some ideas about your girls...well you know what I mean, she might lose that spark. The most important part will be that people around her know the golden rule.
But there is one more thing still. I am afraid that her life will be spent dealing with the hot climate we have created. In other words, she will not have a beautiful world in which to grow up, because the people before here were not paying attention. There is no greater loss in the history of humanity.
I pray for a miricle for Amelia and for all of humanity.
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